how many of you have eaten The Snack Takis


My friend Lillian Meck had a bag of Fuego Takis today and I asked her for one and she gave me one and i ate it when i was getting my stuff into my pull along backpack.On the Youtube Channel React they have a video called Kids eat Mexican Snacks and The Fuego Takis were in and when they reacted to them one of my favorite Kid reactors Lucas said "if this is either Takis or Hot Cheetos and you give me a cup of them, I will eat all of them,and you cannot not take them away from me." the first snack is Fuego Takis and Lucas said " Takis. You're not taking those away from me." my friend Garrett Pory's brother Colton likes fuego takis and one time i was visiting at his house and i was outside on the back porch and Colton came out with a bag of fuego takis and said " Do you like Takis" and i said " yes! and i ate the whole bag. I kept asking my nana to buy some and My nana didn't know what Takis were. and we looked everywhere and we asked a person in a aisle in Walmart and The person thought i was talking about Hot Doritos and We finally found Fuego Takis and the same day we got them I saw a kid with some and i asked for one and he gave me one and I liked them. How many of you had The snack Takis and what flavor was it and did you like them or dislike them.


I don't think I ever had them, do they come in different flavors?
Also, tip for future posts, should try to avoid using people's full names on public internet ^w^

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Oh boy! Haha!
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Takis Fuego is one of my favorite snacks! The only problem I have with it is that I reach the end of the bag too soon... :P I have yet to delve into the other flavors, but they look really good, too.