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After watching Dark Waters, there was a message in this movie that I wasn't aware of, here we talk about all types of messages

This movie solidified my distrust in corporations, the movie flat out says that forever chemicals infest the entire planet due to Dupont's recklessness, while greed and malice towards the lower class is already well known, this movie made me aware of another fatal flaw, sloth, why would a company keep using material they flat out tested and seen the disaster that it will cause? Because it's easier than making something else, it made money for them and they have no reason to care for the lower class, so keep using it, while not using their brains for foresight where this stupid material dooms who made it, it's easy, so why bother?
That's my take on it


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In all seriousness, I believe that the play the Crucible, while not a very good play in my opinion, has an interesting message. Many people believe that it is allegorical to McCarthyism, which is the intent the author had, but it's a pretty terrible allegory for that. It's a very loose allegory, and many of the details in the story have nothing to do with what the allegory intends. I interpret that the message of the Crucible is that goodness is something easily lost, and that the goodness of the individual is very hard to interpret when each person is their own judge. I still think it's garbage though, all the characters have misunderstandings and lie constantly and it's very infuriating to get through.