"not a significant point" inconsistencies


Always remembering Walkazo
I noticed a few of the pages for Mario Kart tracks have points in their trivia section that talk about how said track are the only one in their cup to not become a retro course yet. Figure-8 Circuit is one example:

So I thought I'd contribute by adding that to other pages that lack that information (namely Shroom Ridge and Mushroom City), for consistency across all relevant articles. But...


I'm confused now. Should these be deleted across all the other pages, too, by this reasoning? I just wanted to be useful.
Personally, I'm not a fan of Trivia sections in general, and I can see what's wrong with the points being made. The little factoids has to make use of a lot of qualifiers such as "Mario Kart DS", "Flower Cup", and "Retro course", just to make it sound something notable when it's really not. You can make use of practically anything to make a statement like that, such as saying "GBA Luigi Circuit is the only Super Circuit course from Flower Cup that has returned once in Mario Kart 8", and I don't find those particularly interesting at all.

Trivia sections have a habit of being nothing but that or statements that can easily be made and integrated in the body article than incohesively pointificated, and that's my main problem with them.
So would it be beneficial to delete other examples of this kind of trivia point? Since it appears on 4 other articles.
I would recommend you do so, yes.
Totally cool with that. It's what you should do when you want to dispute an edit, so that's great!