On the page about Obi Wan Cannoli, there is a red link about the person known as Tulio. As he has not been documented, someone should get to work on that site. I would do it, but I don't know any form of programming. Someone please work on the Tulio page. Thanks!

Paper Ray Trace

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You don't need to know any programming knowledge to make pages on MarioWiki, just mediawiki which is extremely simple to learn. You also need to be autoconfirmed to make new pages but again, that isn't hard to attain. I don't think you should make separate threads dealing with one specific red links, that's why we have a General Discussion topic.
It says on the site that this is a place to discuss "Wiki Matters", and I am posting about a matter on the Wiki. This is under the "General Discussion" topic, as the "Wiki Collaborations" is a subcategory of the General Discussions Wiki.

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By general discussion, they mean this thread here, it's the best place for bringing up smaller matters that don't need a lengthy discussion or aren't part of a larger project, and means that this board doesn't get flooded with smaller threads but still gets the attention it needs. But you don't need to bring up every red link individually as something that needs to be fixed, lots of people are aware of them and looking to fix them, but these things take time and not everyone can get to things immediately. That said though, if you know about the subject I'm sure you could have a go at creating the page once you're autoconfirmed if you aren't already, it's not that hard and we can always help you with any problems you encounter.
I can move any future discussions to the general discussions if you wish, but all I want is this to be fixed.