Every time I get there, I'm confused as hell.
Per Blitz. It seems like Twitter is a bit unorganized.
I'll have to try that. Maybe it'll make the whole process easier.
Brie Loader said:
I've got a twitter account, but I never use it. Blogging never really interested me.
Same here for me.

I think I went on it once...
You guys already know I'm a big Twitter user. And with the Friendfeed sig I have, I use it to sometimes get some important stuff out to people.
Luigis Pizza said:
I think it's dumb. It's a fad.

But a quite epic fad. And I love seeing what some of my favorite bands are doing, saying, etc.

For example, the band Does It Offend You, Yeah? is hilarious. Hadouken! tells of how their new album is coming along. Muse does as well.

It's fantastic.
I use it a lot to meet new people, broadcast updates about things I'm doing, and I follow a lot of interesting pepole that are into the same things I am. so it's not entirely useless once you get to know it. :P