The consequences of unchecked anger

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Let's talk about something I see hardly talked about, irritation is simply a mild form of rage, however, any type of rage can turned to wrath if one is not careful.

It's been well known that the leader of China hates being compared to Pooh, sure, it is intend to mock him but Pooh is a sweetheart who always tries to help his friends, is that really the worst thing you can compared to?
Someone who lets that get to him at that point of censorship is not someone who should be in charge.
Let's take it further, the people of Hong Kong simply want human rights and the people higher up to help them out, but this not convenient for current plans, someone with a cooler head would go, "hey, these plans are terrible, let's scrap them", but someone who is angry to the point of blindness won't do that.

Another example is 911, the specific Muslims that did that were outsiders, shunned by the vast majority, now, due to hatred, no one can even wear a turban anymore in public and a pointless war kills people on both sides

My personal experience with this has many sides, I am autistic, people bullied me at school for this, why does this even matter, how does it affect them? The answer is that it doesn't,but they can't understand why I'm diffrent, that irritates them and the only answer is to punish who confused them. My old personal group of friends didn't listen to me when I say I'm scared of yelling due to traumatic experiences with it, they preach forgiveness but I was not allowed to make a mistake, it damaged my pschye to a point it won't recover.

Wrath is the cause of every war, it is the cause of all those having power without being fit to use it, hate before reason, get mad at a dumb plot twist in a movie or legit injustice, don't hate someone who is different than you, they have no choice in who they are and it doesn't affect you anyways, clear your mind and we get a clearer future

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<3 agreed! And relate very hard. When I was a kid, my friend-group might have as well been written by a liberal sitcom. We were 3 outcasts- all unjustify hated for being different in a way our peers and mentors didn't understand. My two friends: the diabetic, the muslim; and then I the autistic. I wish for the day hate is no longer a norm.


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This is why I, the person with uncontrollable anger, have had trouble deciding whether or not my existence is a good part of society

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No matter who you are, you can be good. If you have anger, find ways to rechannel it. Do something you like to do instead of letting anger boil up. If you're more physical, consider getting a punching bag. I had a punching bag for a while and it seriously helped manage my anger.