the pit of 100 trials


Hammer Bro.
you want a trick to pass this place? o you want to share your tricks to pass it? or you want to beat easily the shadow queen? then you are in the right place!!!!!!!!! if you will begind pm:ttyd again then follow these instructions:
went you kick the butt of hooktail, now you re able to enter to the pit, enter there and complete it to the level 20, but you can get to the level 30 too, but at this rate it's very risky, thoose guy almost killed me, but if you do it, complete the next chapter, and return to the pit and get down to a lower level for each completed chapter at least 10 or 20 levels lower and in this rate (you will get a high level and the strange sack in the chapter 3!!!!!!!!!!), but for common sense, I recomend you to stop to the level 70, and keep goin down to the level 70 until you pass the chapter 7, if you do it, you can complete the pit before you can beat the shadow queen!!!!!!!!!!

level 70 to 80, you better equip the spike shield because the dark koopatrolls are very common in thoose levels

level 90 to 99, equip the piercil blow to beat more easily the elite wisserds and use bobbery or vivian (if you have equiped at least 1 power plus P) because there are some amazy dayzee (the golden and rare crazee dayzee) if there's 1 use the star power art attack and finish her with a bob-omblast or a fire jinx, if there are two of them, use the supernova and finish them with the same moves for two reasons:
-you will gain much experience
-it's cuite probably that she or they will attack you causing a cost of 20 hp each (and the attacks of the other enemies will kill you for sure)

went you beat bonetail, you are strong enough to easily beat gloomtail,the shadow sirens, grodus, bowser, kammy koopa and the shadow queeny

I hope to be clear and this trick will be helpfull to everyone
thats prettyy interesting...i beat the game and pit though...but thats really good info
Let's make this about the SPM Pits too. User Slim on Boomboxers.
Too lazy to fix a typo.

Mario works best with Cudge.
Use boomer with Team Metal Giga Master Hand!
Hyper Mushroom said:
Use boomer with Team Metal Giga Master Hand!

Sure... No clue what that was about, but Boomer is good to use. Some people also find Barry useful, but alas, I am not one of them...