Secret Exits in NSMB


So Spooky!
At the last seesaw platform, you will see a small crevice up above. Jump on it and run to the end, then enter the pipe. This secret exit leads to 1-Tower.

You must be Shell Mario, use the pipe cannon to reach a door, enter the door and go to the right side, walk to the next screen and use the shell dash. Enter the pipe. This exit leads to 1-Cannon

Upon hitting the water switch, swim up to the hole in the ceiling, quickly enter pipe and you're good to go! This exit leads to 2-A.

You must be Mini Mario, use the screw lifts to propel yourself onto the screw platforms until the top, enter the pipe. This exit leads to 2-Cannon.

You must be Mini Mario, upon reaching the cave with water in it, swim to the left until you reach a mini-pipe, enter it. This exit leads to 2-Castle.

Upon reaching the first moving mushroom platform, enter the green pipe you see above. Progress through the next two areas. This exit leads to 3-B.

Upon pressing the ? switch, go to the newly-created staircase instead. This exit leads to 3-Cannon

At the row of blocks that is 4 blocks wide, jump in the center where the coins are, climb the beanstalk and enter the pipe. This exit leads to 4-Tower.

You must be Mini Mario, in the second area enter the pipe after hitting the ! switch, walljump up until you see a small crevice. Head to the door. This exit leads to 4-Cannon.

In the area with the pipes, jump into the lone green one. This exit leads to a pipe that leads to 5-3.

You must be Shell Mario, in the area on the top of the level, shell dash toward the blocks and break them. This exit leads to a pipe that leads to 5-Castle

Past the first star coin is a row of three blocks, stand on top of these blocks and jump to reveal a set of invisible blocks, on the topmost invisible block, jump to reveal a beanstalk, climb the stalk and board the elevator. This exit leads to 5-Cannon.

When the player is in the area with the P Switch, they must press it and then go to the left. One of the blocks on the upper ledge shines, different to the others. If the player hits this block, they will find out that it contains a Beanstalk, and climbing on it will take them to a door. The door leads to the secret exit's flagpole, which unlocks access to the 1-Up Toad House between level 7-3 and the tower.

You must be Mini-Mario, at the flying ? block, jump into the crevice then jump again into the Mini-Pipe's area. This exit leads to 7-Castle.

At the row of blocks, hit the bottom middle block to release a beanstalk, climb the beanstalk. This exit leads to 7-7.