Images for 2D Smash trophies

Paper Mario

Generally, trophy images seem to use the highest quality rip of the preview texture for the trophy, showing it on the trophy base. However, for trophies that are 2D to begin with, that's not the highest quality rip of them there can be. A good example is the Paper Mario trophies, especially the ones that use a unique higher-res version compared to the sprites from their original games. I'm wondering if it would be acceptable if I were to update these images with the rips of the full texture instead of the preview, at the expense of the trophy base being in the image. The reason I ask is because the images would be higher quality but inconsistent with the other trophy images which are pre-renders of models and thus can't just use the textures from the actual trophy. So they would still have the base while any 2D trophies would not. Unless of course, I were to add the base but I'm pretty sure that would make it a fanmade image and ineligible to be on the wiki.

So if this could be cleared up that would be great. I have access to higher quality rips of the Paper Mario trophies and I think they are worth having on the wiki.

For example compare these:


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I'd rather we have the base to be consistent, but rips from the trophies are perfectly fine as well, imo

Paper Mario

I uploaded the Wii U Paper Mario trophies, and the Wedding Peach/Bowser trophies from Brawl because they too are higher-res sprites than those in SPM rather than pasted artwork like the rest of Brawl's Paper Mario trophies.

One thing I don't have access to however, are the 3DS trophies, which include Paper Mario, Peach, Bowser, Luigi (and some stuff from Sticker Star). Models Resource seems to have changed their policy on trophies that are 2D since the Brawl ones were uploaded, as my original attempt for the Wii U trophies was uploading them as models like the Brawl ones were. They were rejected and suggested to upload as sprites instead, so that's what I did. Unfortunately though I don't have the files for the 3DS game and I can't find them anywhere so I guess if anyone else has SSB3DS rips or the ability to get them, feel free to add those.