"Mushroom Kingdom Live!"?


Hello everyone! I believe this is either my first or second post here, so hi!

So I was looking through the weird rabbit hole that is Japanese My Little Pony dubs when I came across a video with the song "Magical Dai Dai Bouken" claiming it was from a Mario play called "Super Mario The Mushroom Kingdom Live". I didn't think much of this at first since the Japanese Wikipedia article for the song does mention the name Mario but on closer inspection, it was actually referring to an individual, not the series.

Looking up "Mushroom Kingdom Live" yielded fan projects like live-action parodies and weird flash animations, but the ones I watched didn't include the song (admittedly I did not watch all of them) and various results for just "Mushroom Kingdom" like the wiki and walkthroughs

I have a feeling this is more of a fanon thing rather than an actually licensed work, but I wanted to be sure.

P.S., sorry if this is in the wrong board.