DIC almost made a Metroid cartoon...

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And in it Samus would be a man, yeah, DIC isn't exactly known for getting the research right, it would tick me off if this thing actually aired, but all that is left is this promo art.

I wonder if this would air on the Super Show like Zelda? Or perhaps, like Zelda, the cartoon could inspire a CDI game, I must admit, this thing looks like a Youtube Poop wonderland

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Wow, what a party!
According to here the Super Show was originally meant to be one full hour show called the Super Mario Brothers Power Hour. It's just that no network was willing to give up any more ad time for it. Not very surprised.

Other shows meant for it include Castlevania (which looked even less like Castlevania than it did in Captain N), Double Dragon (which looked a lot better than the one we actually got in the 90's), and California Games.

Later, the name would've been reused when Captain N season 2 and The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 rolled around, along with a full cartoon based on Zelda 2 to boot:
As you can guess, what remained of the Zelda 2 cartoon was turned into an episode of Captain N.

Anyways, if Nintendo ever saw that male Samus I bet they would've lost their shit.


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It’s bad enough that DiC got the names of the Koopalings wrong, but making Samus a man....wow. Though to be fair, I was exposed to Metroid via Smash Bros as a child and I thought Samus was a dude. Sue me.

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Wow, what a party!
supermariofan said:
It’s bad enough that DiC got the names of the Koopalings wrong,
Granted, that was because TAOSMB3 was in production before SMB3's official US release and the Koopalings didn't actually have names in Japan at that time.


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It was always revealed, in the special ending she strips to a bikini (in the cold vacuum of space, not a good idea) in the normal ending she just takes her helmet off and you see her woman face

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Wow, what a party!
Striker Luigi said:
To be honest, Samus' gender wasn't revealed unless you beat the game a certain way (I don't remember how), So most kids thought Samus was a guy.
Not to mention that the manual intentionally called her a male cyborg, even in the Japanese version.

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Wow, what a party!
Same guy just posted Rad Racer concept art on his Twitter. @hour_mario