Favorite King K. Rool Boss

Who's your favorite King K. Rool boss?

  • Kaptain K. Rool (Donkey Kong Country 2)

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  • King K. Rool (DK: King of the Swing)

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You can't go wrong with classic K.Rool.

But the best fight was Baron K.Roolenstein in DKC3, IMO.


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I liked the final battle of Jungle Climber. It reminded me of an old fanfiction I wrote back in 2004 where K. Rool ended up drinking a potion to change his size so he could defeat Donkey Kong and the other Kongs. Also, the background music that plays during this battle couldn't possibly get anymore epic.


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The K. Rool battle from DKC was the best, IMO. The battle from KoS wasn't too bad, but it was really strange.