Mario Kart RPG (Signups Inside)


Hi, all! I'm Toadeightyfive. I used to be pretty active on here years ago, not so much lately but still lurk sometimes.

I've been working on a new RPG game I think some people on the boards might be interested in. It uses a spreadsheet-based algorithmic system that simulates the results of Mario Kart races. If you decide to play, you're put into the role of a race team owner: you'll be able to scout and sign drivers, upgrade your kart, network with sponsors, and lead your team to glory!

Think of it kind of like Out of the Park Baseball or Football Manager, but with Mario Kart, and done by a Google Docs sheet instead of AI.

There's a link to the spreadsheet below, with more detailed information about the game's rules and how it works. There's also a Discord link below to the chatroom for the game; it really helps to keep track of many of the bells and whistles of this game, and you get to see results and talk to other team owners live. However, it's not strictly necessary: if you don't have a Discord account or prefer to stay on the forum, I'll be posting updates from the game here in this thread either way. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send them my way.

Discord server:

The inaugural driver draft should be completed this weekend, likely Sunday. Join the Discord server or leave a comment below here if you'd like to sign up. All you'll need to do is select a name and number for your race team, and you'll be entered into the draft. There's no max or min on the number of players.

If nothing else, thanks a ton for taking the time to read through this!

(PS: Gotta give a shout-out here to /u/Samster_1991 on Reddit for developing a lot of the original spreadsheet formulas I'm borrowing/tweaking for this game. This project wouldn't be possible without him, and if you like this game you should really check out the original NASCAR RPG he runs, or one of the other RPG games developed by our smallish community. DM me for details if so.)

(PPS: I'm not 100% sure whether this better fits in Forum Games or Fan Creations, or if the Discord link toes the line on Marioboard's advertising policy, so moderators if there's an issue please let me know.)

#1 Choco Mountain Motorsports (ThePlateGuy)
#3 Drivers of DeDeDestruction (YoshiFlutterJump)
#5 Turn 5 Motorsports (Dave33333)
#7 Green Hill Motorsports (SonicRules831)
#8 Kirby Main Motorsports (Th3D3at4lyM3me)
#9 Stick Shift Motorsports (TheRealDraid)
#11 King's Row Racing (Sky Master)
#24 DK Summit Racing (Spadaro07)
#29 Yoshi Dashers (Yoshi the SSM)
#44 Full Throttle Motorsports (Kyle Basaglia)
#51 Paper World Motorsports (Samster_1991)
#64 Royal Motorsports (Jumpheart)
#66 Maverick GP (RocketKnight)
#69 Elon Musk Motorsports (lightningmatt)
#76 Khalil Motorsports (FarisK2001)
#85 Moad's Choice Motorsports (toadeightyfive)
#87 Ferrero Automotive Racing Team (Julio Cesar)
#88 Birdo Xtreme Racing (TheMoose)
#95 Rust-eze Motorsports (Long John Spaghetti)
#99 JetFuel Motor Racing (Jetman999)
#?? Almy Motorsports (Almy)


Sorry, should have clarified: the teams list is the people who have already signed up. So Elon Musk Motorsports is already lightningmatt's team. You get to name and number your own team, and you'll be added to the list.


Added both.

Are either of you able to join the Discord server? As I said above it's not 100% necessary, but because the driver draft is live it'll help a lot for making it run smoothly.

If not (or if you're busy over the weekend) it'd help me to know what drivers you'd want to draft in advance; if you don't have a preference I'll just draft the best driver available for your spot in the draft.


Power Star
I'm able to join it (my activity will probably be pretty low but still), but the invite in your OP seems to have expired. Mind posting a new one?

Glitz Yoshi

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Yoshi Dashers

And yes I do have discord. Do I use Yoshi the SSM or Yoshi Dashers when signing into Discord?


Long John Spaghetti said:
My parents don't allow me on discord and I can't use the school wi-fi either
No problem. In that case, just forum-message me what drivers you'd most and least like to draft, if you can!

Yoshi the SSM said:
And yes I do have discord. Do I use Yoshi the SSM or Yoshi Dashers when signing into Discord?
Either's fine.


Driver draft is tonight, 8 PM EST on Discord. If you can't make it (I know Long John Spaghetti is not playing through Discord) please DM me a list of the drivers you want to draft in advance, if you can.

Draft Order: