Favorite Mario Bro.

Who's your favorite Mario Bro.?

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Definitely :luigi:.


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Looniju said:
Luigi is incredibly overrated. He's a random coward who for some reason got his own game or two, and everything says he's underrated as an excuse to overrate him. Mario all the way.
1) Luigi is planning to destroy the world, don't you know this?

2) It's better to give people games in moderation. Luigi had two games and they were both pretty damn good. Mario has had two hundred games, and the majority of them sucked after SM64. (Note, I said "majority"; not "all".)

3) lolparadox


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Stooben Rooben said:
Luigi had two games and they were both pretty damn good.
Well, excluding all the ones where he was playable...

Also, I hope you're not including Mario is Missing as a "pretty damn good" game. I've played it and it sucks ass.


Seems so long ago.
Meh, I guess I'll go for Mario as I have a feeling he's losing in this poll that's going to end today...

EDIT: Didn't know he was winning... But Luigi's overrated, although he has more character...


Seems so long ago.
Snowstalker said:

He actually has a personality.
Well, yes...

Apparently, the VG characters without a true personality ussually have more fans while more developed characters (Well, mainly out of Mario games... I'm looking at you, Diddy!) are hated.


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I like Peach better. Jk. Luigi, but not by much, but enough.
Order of who I like: :daisy: :toad: :luigi: :yoshi: :boo: :mario: :peach: :dk: :waluigi: :wario: :bowser: :birdo: goomba:


Luigi rocks!!!
$†øøߥ said:
Luigi is underestimated.
YOU'RE SOOO RIGTH but as tucayo say he isn't is playable in many mario games :( :luigi: