Hardest Boss

Who is the hardest boss in a Mario game?

  • Bonetail

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  • Wracktail

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  • Bowser Jr. (Super Mario Galaxy)

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  • King Boo (Luigi's Mansion)

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  • Waluigi (Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix)

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  • Bowser (Super Mario Galaxy)

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Shadoo was pretty tough considering what you have to go through to get to him.

I made it to his room twice (since you're supposed to) and he beat me in one hit.
Bowser in PM isn't hard. Just use Power Smash and an ultra-upgraded Watt.

Bowser in Mario 64 was pretty hard.
Julius said:
Pretty small list of choices there.

My vote goes to Bowser in Paper Mario.

Man, do I suck at that game.
You don't have to suck to think that battle is hard. Basically, the only two ways to win are with Watt bypassing defenses or with Goombario's mega super ultra charged multibonk (I killed Bowser in a single attack with that one).

I personally found General Guy harder, just because he throws a whole army at you before you get to fight him.
Shadoo. Any Boss that requires you to go through that hellhole of a pit TWiCE just to get too him must be pretty tough!
Bowser in Mario Galaxy is one of the easiest fights ever.
Hardest is probably Shadow Queen if you aren't using Vivian.
I agree. The Shadow Queen was a major pain, especially when she'd suck all your partners' life away and leave you alone.
Since Culex isn't on this list, I'll vote for the Shadow Queen. It took me several tries to beat her when I first completed the game in November 2007.