SPM Refusing Jaydes in 7-1

In Super Paper Mario, does anyone know what happens if the player refuses Queen Jaydes's request in 7-1? I know it's not a game over this time, but I can't find any videos that test this option.

Glitz Yoshi

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Yoshi the SSM
Short answer: the players can't.
Long answer: if the players deny the request 4 times, the players are forced to say OK. Oh, and Luvbi thanks you afterwards.
Alright I played through SPM again recently and I have the answer. Just like with Mimi (disguised as Merlee) in 2-4. if the player keeps refusing in 7-1, the dialogue will eventually get to a point where both answers are yes's. Also, in 7-1, Luvbi takes over the dialogue if the player refuses Queen Jaydes initially.