Favorite Paper Mario partner


The Cardinal is dead -- long live The Cardinal!
Who is your favorite partner from any of the Paper Mario games?

My favorite is Goombario, followed closely by Kooper.
Bobbery and Dashell are indeed the best partners in their respective games.
Dashell said:
I thought you liked Kooper more than Goombario, in truth. You don't seem to mention the latter as often as the former.
He used to be my favorite, but then I began to practice the way of the Goombario.
After about 50 turns of charging. It's devastating.
That's how I beat pretty much every single boss in the game. It's much more satisfying against the Master.
Dashell said:
I beg to differ. I've always had a lot more trouble on Bowser.

I didn't have any of those stone things.
Bowser's so easy, even without stone caps.

The Master's last form can deal about 20 damage a turn if you don't block perfectly.
Dashell said:
I block perfectly.

Ergo, not as hard.
So do I (Dodge Master badge ftw), but the Master still deals epic damage.
Now that giant koopa guy (what was his name?), he was a snap.
Bobbery and Cudge. (Or whatever his name was.)

Never played PM, so I can't say.
Kooper, Kooper and Kooper, he also is my favorite viedo game character
Parakarry, Vivian (female in US, remember...), and Boomer.

Although, in terms of usefulness, Watt would be right up there too.
Goombario, Bow, Koops, and Fleep.

And yes, Watt was definitely useful.