Wiki Articles appearing in News Feeds?

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So, this is interesting, apparently the Google Chrome news feed thinks that Wiki articles are new articles, as the new Gooigi one came up in my news feed today:

Has anyone else had this? It seems like it's related to the fact that it's a new article, I just found it quite strange that it showed up with other news articles. When clicked on, it did just lead straight to the Wiki article.

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There's nothing special. Google, the infamous stalker company that has been accused for tracking your every move (e.g. Google Analytics), has a lot more information than you think when it comes to browsing history. I suppose they store cookies from sites you visit (this includes using the Google search engine) and in turn, this affects your news feed. It affects the ads you see when you visit this site, it affects your search suggestions, it affects your recommended video list in Youtube (also owned by Google), and I don't think it's unreasonable to say that it also affects your news feed.