Wii U gamepad flickering (Color Splash)

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A few days ago I decided to play Color Splash again after not touching it since it came out. My save file was gone but I know why that is. The issue I'm having is, after being idle for a day or so the Gamepad starts flickering. It fixed itself when I left the stage I was in. I recall noticing this when I first played the game as well, but figured it was just because I was running it from a dump, and there must have been an issue with that. But now I'm playing a physical copy, and the gamepad still flickers after a while. I've never noticed this in any other game besides this one, and I haven't found any documentation on this happening to anyone else. Granted I do leave my Wii U idle when I'm not playing it, but that's always been convenient and worked fine for other games.

I also know the flickering is the game, not the display, because it doesn't flicker when I suspend the game and the home menu appears. Anyone have any suggestions/insight on why this may happen?


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Some options

1. Assuming "idle" means "on", never do that, Wii U or otherwise, for that long of a period of time if you aren't using it. Waste of electricity and it degrades the system. If anything, that would be the issue.

2. What stage? Specifics would be helpful.

3. Stand closer to the system/make sure there are no obstructions. If the Gamepad is too far away from the Wii U/something is blocking the signal between them, the Gamepad is going to flicker. Happens to me sometimes, even when the Gamepad's in my room and the Wii U is right on the other side of the wall.

Paper Mario

It was Port Prisma just now, but it also happened on IIRC Plum Park, the first time (in 2016).

The setup hasn't caused any issues in other games, there's no obstructions or anything. I typically leave it on if I plan to go back to the same game later, so I can jump right in instead of going through loading screens and whatnot. I understand what you're saying but I don't know why that would only affect this specific game and no others.

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It sounds like a hardware issue to me. Perhaps there's a specific function in Color Splash that causes it to behave like this.