How do I set up a GameCube controller with my Switch?

George Jones

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I heard that you can set up a GameCube controller with a Switch, but how do you do it?

John Doe

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technically it's not officially supported by nintendo yet (probably will be when smash ultimate drops) but basically i think all you need to do is just use the wii u gamecube adapter and plug it into your dock

Doctor Healmore

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First, you need that GameCube controller adapter originally designed for Wii U. If you don't have that adapter, Nintendo will be re-releasing it in December.

Plug that adapter into the Nintendo Switch Dock, and plug your GameCube controller into it. Go to the "add controller" screen and press L and R simultaneously to pair it. It will tell you that a USB controller is connected.

Button mapping is a bit odd and ZR functions are unusable, but if you can live with that, you have yourself a new controller for your Switch.