Yoshi's Gender

What Gender Do You Think Yoshi Is?

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Hyper Guy

I wonder what's for dinner...
I tried this on the other polls.Didn't work :-[.SO I'M TRYING IT AGAIN! ;D
Ahahaha! :posh: I am Hyper Guy!
Yoshies as a species can be both male and female, I think it´s common sense.

The individual Yoshi we know is male.
It may be weird if there were only males or females

PS: All the yoshis are the same in the games
My first post, yay! :lol: I hope to make some friends here.

I honestly always thought of the "Yoshi" to be a Male or Female depending on his/her color. The girl-ish colors are female and the darker and more manly colors are males...Just a thought.