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This is a topic designed to talk about your school popularity. I'm unpopular, very smart, and no girls like me except one.... and everyone hates her even more than me. AND THAT'S ALOT! :cry: :( :cry: :( :cry: :( :( :cry: :x
Popularity, though a somewhat popular (ha ha) way of classifying people, is an awful system to use. Popularity is mainly based on a person's appearance, as well as who they are friends with (and their appearance, and so on and so forth), which truly isn't what matters. Though it is used as a worldwide ranking system for students, whether in elementary school or university or anything in between, it is a horrid, I repeat: horrid, way of grouping-off people into ranks. It forces people to exclude others they may (or may not) like (or dislike) and who could become a good friend; it makes fights and ruins peoples' lives, as well as makes others a heaven-hell (or love-hate) life.
I personally believe that popularity shouldn't be discussed, nor used, and do not use it myself. I am who I am, you are who you are, and we are friends with who we want to be. We shouldn't be judged at all, and definitely not by the way we look, or who we talk to. You truly don't know someone's "popularity" until you sit down and talk with them -- find out who they really are -- and then popularity seems like a mere poorly advertised ranking system, which it is.
Nerds, jocks, the "popular kids' group", they all don't matter. It's what's on the inside, and not the outside that truly matters.
So, I urge you not to rank others, whether they're already classified as "better" or "worse" then yourself, based on what others say. That's simply you falling into the never-changing crowd of those who have nothing better to do then to pick on others who are different. I urge you to not judge, but base your opinions of someone one who they truly are, not their popularity status.

Thank you.
:D FINALLY!!! I knew there had to be someone who agrees with me! All of my classmates think I'm crazy, but I think my, and your, theory is perfect. My test has been completed. :D
So the five minutes I spent typing that all up (and thinking about how to word things properly, and seriously) wasn't a waste. xD
Correct, let's see if we can get any other posts. :?
Gosh, that was a lot of typing....I am incredibly un-popular, but I don't really give a s*** about popularity. I agree with Luigi hc.
I'm popular among who it counts. My friends.
I doubt anyone here is gonna be able to say there extemly popular, working on a MarioWiki......
Yeah, I can see me now.....

FORTY YEARS LATER: Status: Still single.
Age: Lost track.
Weight: What's physical activity?
If you think you're going to be like that, Aipom, then I suggest you give yourself daily reminders not to become that. xD

Hk-47, that's a good point. :)
Hahahahahahaha! :lol: I was just kidding, I'm on the track team.
People always give me high fives and fist punches, but sometimes they
fake me out on the first one. :cry:
I can't swim if my life depended on it.
I'm your normal Video-Game addicted Nerd. :( someday, SUPER ME!!! kidding. and make that 3. i'm not on a team, nut I swim.
I skateboard. I'm actually kind of cool, but I like to hang out with the little unpopular guys. People always tell me, Id be better off without them, I say, SHUT UP!

'Cuz my mom and dad... just wanted to try it. :shifty:

It's really nice. No nasty, annoying schoolmates....