Your avatar vs the avatar above you; who will win?

She gets super speed when she's scared but is otherwise not trained in combat
She'll try though, oh God She'll try
I am a big guy. Also Big is confirmed the physically strongest of the Sonic cast. I remind you that Knuckles is as strong as Sonic is fast, and in Colors ds he says lightspeed is child's' play.
This is of course all assuming Big decides to fight, because he may well just leave.
Metal Knuckles could definitely defeat a couple of pigs from Angry Birds, especially considering these guys are already in pretty bad shape.
found my way here and im obligated to reply to fellow angry birds pfp
and well. you know the birds always win. there even looks to be a very good spot to pop an egg into, though anywhere near the pigs will destroy htem anyways, im pretty sure
Flash Sentry loses to a egg being dropped on him
Sunset is a fairly powerful unicorn so I think she would win
Look I think a single Power Ranger can easily take on a single Snifit and win. Probably no different than fighting one of the many costumed mooks.
Assuming Flowey doesn't have the souls, he's probably gonna lose, but it could be an interesting fight, because he does have some implied abilities, such as switches being "depressed by vines" in the genocide route, and his ability to tunnel underground will come in handy.
I don't see Madeline as a fighter so I think she loses to even the littlest and cutest of dragons