LED42's art thread

What do you think of my drawings?

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So, I've decided to post some of my artwork here, you can also give me some tips to be better at this :p

Here's the first drawing:

You should know what is it, right? Currently, this is the only drawing I can post, but I'll create an account on some page to share more of these.

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Re: LED42 tries to draw

I don't think you need many tips, that's brilliant!


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Re: LED42 tries to draw


I can just say make the lines smoother, but that's what a very picky person would say, so this looks amazing.
Re: LED42 tries to draw

This actually looks really well-done! Almost identical to the artstyle of most Mario artwork, actually.

and this is coming from the guy who can't even draw a bob-omb


Also known as "Face-off with death"
Re: LED42 tries to draw

Forget about what I said above, I'm back. Yeah, I know I left this thread abandoned, but here's a new drawing!!!

This time is a...



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Re: LED42 tries to draw

Where his legs man? Who do you think you are, amputating Fawful like that? *shoves MLSSS+BM artwork out of sight*

Awesome artwork :)