Low-information cancelled games


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There are a bunch of cancelled Mario games and rejected pitches to Nintendo that exist with very little information beside maybe one piece of concept art or vague information about the premise or which people were involved in it. Some are mentioned on the wiki, many are not. Stuff like

-The CD-i Donkey Kong game
-Boss Game Studio's Mario game pitch (Note: NSFW content)
-Stephen Randosh's Donkey Kong parking attendant arcade game
-Ubisoft's first attempt at making a Mario/Rabbid crossover game (I asked Davide Soliani on twitter and he says it's not related to Kingdoms battle)

My approach has been to mention those cancelled things on the relevant franchise and system's pages, but I'm torn. On one hand, it's all fairly interesting trivia and I would like it to be presented in a more visible manner. On the other hand, there's very little information to make for a substantial page. I'm not entirely sure how we should go around covering these things.

So yeah mariowiki community, what do you think?


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Maybe a List of cancelled games? For games with enough information to have an article, use {{Main}} in their sections, and for the rest have the info in the page.

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Considering that we already have a dedicated article for the failed Archie comic pitch (Archie Mario comic), which basically states that "it is a failed pitch" with some images and not much more, I don't think it would be inconsistent for these to also get articles. At the same time, I'm not sure how I feel about covering third-party pitches that failed to produce anything. For stuff like the CD-i Donkey Kong game, where it was a studio that had already worked with the Mario franchise, I'd be fine with making articles for them. However, for failed pitches... Maybe we could make a "List of failed pitches" or something along those lines?

I'll also throw in Mario's Castle as one of those canceled Mario games that we know nothing about.

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Maybe we can put the canceled games and the failed pitch together in a "List of canceled games and failed pitches" or we can have the two list separated one from the other, anyway the idea of the single page covering them, if it doesn't become excessively long, might be good, so we can cover them in full while not having to create pages that inevitably have little content.


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I'd say we do it. Consistency should be a pretty large priority, and even if all we have is an entry in a catalog, we should probably at least mention it SOMEWHERE.