Magikarp Jump --- Train Your Magikarp To Be the Best!!


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Once again, another Pokemon mobile game managed to slip under the radar without me knowing.

It's Magikarp Jump, everybody!

You're in a region where Magikarp are the bees knees. You catch yourself a Magikarp and you set off to training! You feed and train your Magikarp to make it stronger. The higher its JP (Jump Power), the higher it will jump. You compete in a League against other people's Magikarp by jumping the highest in the air.

In my time playing I "maxed out" at Level 12 because your Player Rank determines how powerful you can make a Magikarp. Once my first Magikarp was maxed out, I was forced to continue as far as I could in the Leagues. He made it to about Round 4, losing out Round 5. He retired happily and now resides in the background of the pond.

My second Magikarp was on the way to being a bright shining star. I didn't know I could name them so after I realized I named this one KarpKarp.
After training in the game there will occasionally be random events. This event had a tree with berries and I encouraged karpKarp to jump for them. Well, just as he jumped, a Pidgeotto swooped down and took him away from me. KarpKarp was "forced" to retire.

I am now on my third Magikarp, KarpKarp2. I will definitely be more careful with him.

Honestly, it's a pretty clever passive clicker game. It's still senseless grinding, but with all clicker games, it will eventually simmer down to you checking on it once in a while and cashing in. It's a fun, silly, little game.


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i finally have popplio in my pond. i beat the game as far as i'm concerned

rip speedwagon im sorry you became bird food


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The last time my cousin showed me this game, he was at Level 29. I wonder how long it took for him to reach that level, but I am glad to help him do some Magikarp grinding. Amusingly, the first time I played Battle, there's a Meowth that gave extra JP so I got past one level that would be otherwise a loss.

Thank you for reading.