krakelak's Art Thread.


I would like to share some of my art here on this board for feedback or just for your enjoyment.

R X A (November 2016)

It's simply Rosalina and Ashley. I drew this in about November of 2016 to go with a few mods I was planning to do at the time.

You can watch me draw this (while talking about some of my mods) here:

The mods that this drawing went with can be found here:

As you can see, in the mod version, their colors are actually reversed. I haven't released the reversed-colors image anywhere yet, but perhaps I should sometime.

Bayocena (January 2017)

I drew this in January of this year for a friend of mine on Discord, Scorpob, who likes Bayonetta and John Cena. We are all filthy memers.

Look at This Net (February 2017)

I drew this in February for a friend of mine on Discord, Topaz Pikmin, who wanted to make a "We are Number One" parody.

You can find that parody here:

Again, we are all filthy memers.

DSX8 Ultimate Poster (March 2017)

This was a gigantic poster that I drew over a few months for an April Fools' joke. The joke was to make a model of DemonslayerX8 (Aka DSX8), a popular Smash Bros. modder, and put him into the game. I handled making the model, texturing, rigging, while a couple of friends such as the aforementioned Scorpob helped with expressions, in-game materials, etc. The characters on this poster represent different things.

The mod in question can be found here:

Poster character analysis
DSX8: Center of poster. He's the mod we made.
Rem: To DSX8's right (our left). DSX8's "waifu".
Lucario: To DSX8's left (our right). One of DSX8's old internet names was "Lucario Master".
Naoto Shirogane: Top left of poster. The person in the modding community who goes by the name Nao-chan is one of DSX8's closest friends.
Roy with a mustache and sunglasses: Top center of poster. Represents Raytwo, one of DSX8's closest friends. He also helped with facial animation editing. Notably, he uses a Roy with a mustache and sunglasses as his avatar.
Phoenix Wright: Top right of poster. Represents Segtendo, one of the modding community's most prominent figures. He was invited to be on board the project about a month or so after we started it, and he helped with music track injecting.
Mario: Left of poster. Represents UltraMario3000 (or just UltraMario). He didn't actually do much. Mostly he was our mascot that we kept around. He's actually on his forum somewhere.
Orange Luigi: Right of poster. Represents Kerouz. He helped create UI elements. He doesn't really have a consistent avatar so we just went with an orange-colored Luigi.
Ganondorf: Bottom of poster. DSX8 was created to be a skin of Ganondorf so I put Ganondorf here defeated to represent DSX8 replacing Ganondorf. Also, DSX8 stands for "DemonSlayerX8", so he slew the Demon King, Ganondorf.
Bayonetta: Far left of poster. Represents Scorpob, who I mentioned earlier. He did the in-game materials, expression and object ordering, and injecting into files. Bayonetta is bleeding because, since she is affiliated with demons, DemonSlayerX8 is going after her next.
Rosalina: Me.

Friico (April 2017)

I drew this a little while back as a joke. I got the idea to draw this because Nico has the tendency to claim herself as the #1 idol in the universe, as Freeza declares himself the strongest emperor in the universe. Actually, in the dub, Nico says "are you ready to see my final form?" or something along those lines, which is even more reminiscent of Freeza.

As you can see, I wrote the text in Japanese because I uploaded this to Pixiv. I do have alternate versions of this, though.

Nico is my second bestgirl. Kotori is my bestgirl, but I haven't drawn her yet.

This isn't everything I've drawn, but this is some of the more notable things I've drawn recently. If you follow me on DeviantArt, you'll also know of my comic, Rosalina's Inauguration, that I update from time to time. You can check out my DeviantArt, Pixiv, and more in my sig.

I'll post some more some other time, if y'all want.


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Holy *! You are amazing at this! If only I was skilled like that!


Thanks for the kind words, y'all. Here's a few more simpler items.

Untitled UltraMario

A little doodle I drew for UltraMario3000. It's him in Talon's clothes.

Untitled Braixen

A Braixen eating bran flakes, requested by a few of my friends who were fans of Braixen and I suppose also bran flakes.

And here's some concept art-style pieces.

Shovel Knight II and Plague Knight

I make mods. I often make my own models from scratch to import into the game. These are two designs for Shovel Knight II and Plague Knight, with notes and such. Both over Link.


Same deal. Wendy, over Peach. This one is currently in progress because, again, I am a filthy memer.

Both of these concept art pieces were uploaded to my Twitter. So if you'd like to see that kind of stuff, you can check out my Twitter, if you want.


Donkey Kong
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weeeew good stuff as usual krak, really good quality and stylization art.

Pretty smookin, just like you~


A few things I drew in the last month. All Love Lives.

You are Rincorrect!

Something that I drew for Pikman. He requested Rin saying "Now that's where you're wrong, kiddo". I also made some variants with differences in the sunglasses.

This is the most recent thing I drew in Photoshop before moving on to Clip Studio Paint.

PaintsChainer Test

I drew this Maki to try out PaintsChainer. My other works didn't function so well because PaintsChainer works better with sketches than lineart, and my lineart was too thin.

Here's the original doodle:
This was the first thing I drew in Clip Studio Paint.

Unimpressed Kotori

The fifth Love Live girl I drew is my own bestgirl, Kotori. I still haven't drawn Honoka, Umi, Hanayo, or Eli yet, but I'll get around to them someday. And no, I'm not really familiar with the Aquors members.

I originally drew this to be an emote, but it didn't work so well. Oh well.

This was the first thing I finalized in Clip Studio Paint, and there's a lot of room for me to improve.


Here's a few crossover-esque things I did in the last month or two.


A thing I drew for UltraMario3000's birthday because he loves Nozomi. Toujou Nozomi from Love Live! X Mario from Super Mario Bros.

Rin Rin

A thing I drew for Pikman because it was a great idea. Hoshizora Rin from Love Live! X Min Min from ARMS.

Also, transparent version.