Street Fighter 4


The Enclave will rise again
Recently, I downloaded the HD Street Fighter 2 on my 360, and its very fun.
I'm usually Cammy or Bison and am fairly competent at it.
So today I purchased SF 4 and I have to say its very good.

Excellent graphics and smooth animation all around, the stage musics are as good as ever and the stages themselves are highly detailed.
Sadly, online mode is full of Karate Masters so new people I recommend you stay away until you learn the moves for at least 1 character, like I'm doing.
Game modes are:

Arcade: This is exactly as it sounds, beat up a group of people then fight a boss character at the end.
There's about 9 people to fight through.

Versus: Fight other people or the CPU.

Challenge Mode: This contains the Time trial mode, Survival and Trial modes.
TT is just see how fast you can beat a group of enemies, Survival is the same but see how long you can make your health last and Trial mode helps you get to grips with your characters moves and abilities.
Practice mode: As it sounds, you just practice your moves on a CPU character and you can change the CPU to suit your needs, blocking, attacking etc.

Online play is pretty much just Versus mode but online, and you earn medals, titles, achievements for meeting certain criteria. (applies to all game modes as well)

So, would I recommend it to you? well if you like old school arcade style fighters then yes, but if you are new, then don't worry, as I'm also a new player and you soon pick up the techniques.
The most fun I had in a One-on-one Fighters was with World Heroes Perfect and Street Fighter Alpha 2. The original Street Fighter 2 (Which SF4 is supposedly emulating) kind of left me cold :/.
Brawl is rubbish compared to SF honestly.
Its far too easy but then again, SF 4 is of arcade difficulty.
Because whenever I faced someone at Brawl, they were normally destroyed.
Now I never go online with Brawl since its a hideous lagfest so when I play it, I just crash against a gang of Lv 9'ers.
Its still an easy game, anyone can pull off combo after combo after combo.
Smash Balls themselves are another easy win, as are many of the items.
You say its not easy, I say it is, that's the name of it.
I do, but it does not change the fact that compared to every other Fighting Game, its easy.
I know its designed to be accessible for everyone by having simple combos but that waters down the difficulty somewhat.

Say in a Street Fighter game for example, there are button combos that require you to press 3 or 4 buttons in quick succession, the results can be quite amazing as your character can change the tide of battle or give themselves an advantage.
Some might say that long combos are off putting, but it gives you something to practice with and over time, you'll learn all the combos and will be pulling off special moves at an alarming rate.

In Brawl, the movesets are simple, most requiring 1 or 2 button presses to execute so there's nothing to really memorize in comparison to the elegant moves in an Arcade Fighter.

Brawl isn't a bad game, its just incredibly simple.