Who's your favorite PM:TTYD partner?

Who's your favorite PMTTYD partner?

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What the title says. So, who's your favorite PM:TTYD partner?
Yoshi Kid all the way! (With Admiral Bobbery as a very close second. ;D)
vivian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like watt, she reach enemies on ceilings, is hard to miss her action command, and if you succes in it you cast enemies on fire to take two heart point, but you can kip burning them, her attacks are strong and is an usefull partner agains gloomtail, grodus, bowser, kammy koopa, bonetail and the deadly shadow queen
Vivian. She is the only partner I can think of that defects from the enemy camp and joins the good guys.
Sir Grodus said:
What about Lakilester? Or do you just mean Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door guys?

Title: "Who's your favorite PM:TTYD partner?"

;P Only partners from PM:TTYD (Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door) are in this poll. There's another for the first Paper Mario's partners.

#1 is Vivian. She has the best backstory of all of them, particularly Yoshi Kid (he was BORN during the game for god's sake!).

#2 is Bobbery, because he's so friggin tough. I love that time-bomb attack.

#3 is Ms. Mowz, because I've always liked that kind of character ("honest thief" etc....)