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Gravity Falls Mafia

Welcome to Gravity Falls, a sleepy little town in Oregon. However, this town is not what it seems at first glance - there are many deep local mysteries to unravel, and there is a very large amount of paranormal and supernatural activity centred around it.

  • Innocents and Mafia are the main factions. Others could crop up, though. The Innocents must defeat the Mafia (and any other factions) to win, and the Mafia must eliminate the Innocents (and any other factions) to win. Any two factions cannot co-win.
  • Players vote in the day (by posting in the thread) and use roles at night (by sending me a PM), unless otherwise specified. One-use roles can be used during either phase.
  • Locations can be visited during the day by sending me a PM. Each player has their own location, where they can find an upgrade to their role. There are other locations, and really good items can be found at locations (see: British Mafia).
  • Phases will be 24 hours long, unless longer is needed. One 24-hour extension can be granted, but a second would need extreme circumstances.
  • No lynching is allowed, but will lose in a tie.
  • Do not reveal information after you die. You can post once or twice, but please don't be annoying.
  • Do not quote your role PM, or else you'll be modkilled.
  • Being inactive for more than six phases will also result in a modkill (though you will be alerted before this happens).
  • Roleclaiming good. Massclaiming bad. Don't literally bully people into giving a claim.

Player List
  • The Pyro Guy
  • Palkia47
  • 4td0
  • GBAToad
  • Freakworld
  • Lord Bowser
  • Roy Koopa
  • Stargazing
  • Roserade
  • GabbyHayes
  • Shoey
  • Smasher
  • Mariofan169
  • Banjo

  • Baby Mario Bloops (Lapis Lazuli)
  • Nyrie
  • Superchao (Bartz Klauser)
  • DragonFreak
  • CountBonsula (Rick Sanchez)

I'm aiming for this to start in the summer, probably July. I don't want this to clash with Awards Mafia.

Also note that there will be spoilers, potentially for all 40 episodes. If this bothers you, then you probably shouldn't play. Or maybe catch up in the few months before this starts.

Well, that's all. Have fun!



King Bowser
dang it mcd I was planning to do this, stop stealing my hopes and dreams >:[



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well i wasn't going to play mafia anymore but i must get revenge after british mafia

Lord Bowser

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I'll give it a go

please note that this is my very first mafia game ever and I'm still a little confused on some of the rules. bear with me if possible but I'll try my best not to mess up

Ernest Fine 2.0

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ok i am actually going to do this this year

pls let me know if you still want to play or sign up if you haven't already

Ernest Fine 2.0

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most of the people who signed up in the first place are still here, so...not really?

also is that a sign up or