2015 in review.

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Nozomi Toujou said:
it depends on the person and how they identify
demis have a really *bleep*ing cool flag though

also i'm panromantic but i already mentioned that in this thread so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I like the flag too, lol.

Yup, exactly. The labels exist only to help people discuss and identify but are only guidelines. That works for pretty much any sexuality, but it's emphasized in minority sexuality groups.


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str8 romantic

sexuality is ??? i usually don't get attracted to people in a sexual way but it does happen sometimes, and i do desire sex, so i guess closest thing would be demi

honestly i don't really know so that's why i don't usually call myself ace


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This thread went in a whole other direction

- Went to Global Game Jam for the first time
- Got my first games programming job
- Released my first commercial game
- Had my first no. #1 game
- Realised a lot of my friends suck so I'll prob be culling a few
- Graduated (though I had finished all my classes by the end of 2014)
- believing in myself more than i have in recent years



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My 2015 in brief in order:

* First edit of 2015 was on Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. When I checked recent changes, it was what could be the official first edit of 2015 in EST.
* Went very active around here, especially wiki
* Joined The Shroom; had thoughts for nearly five months before joining
* Grew interest in theme parks
* Rode Kingda Ka, you know, tallest coaster
* Presented awards
* Now has half the main Zelda games
* Joined Poll Committee to be extra special around here
* Joins Backloggery
* Junior high, woohoo!!!
* Became less and less active on wiki; more active on forums
* Ate Chick fil A first time since November 2014
* Wrote 10 Shroom sections total
* Retired on wiki, just ignore me on who's online, my account is logged on 24/7/365 a.k.a permanently, the wiki is my homepage, and I sometimes read your edits over time. Yea, I'm a sneaky bastard.
* Started playing Fire Emblem series
* Joined Inkipedia and Strategy Wiki\
* Here I am one year later after the first anecdote at the top of that list, It's January one, two-thousand-sixteen!


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Came out as bisexual
Got myself a boyfriend and done loads of things that couples do that I haven't done before
Graduated from sixth form
Got my uni place accepted
Went back to Disneyland Florida