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So, continuing from my last thread about Banpresto, I decided to make a follow-up thread about Konami's amusement machines. There aren't as many, but for ease of organization I dedicated one thread to each company regardless.

Mario Roulette

Release date: 1991, per the game's title screen.

The wiki already has a page about this one. It seems you guys have already discovered a video, so my recommendation is that whoever has a NicoNico account please save it.

Picture set 1

These are flyers from here:
They're already on the wiki, but I figured I'd put them here anyway to point out that they could really use a translation of some sort.

Picture set 2

These are from this rather informative site:
This too is linked on the wiki, but I figured I'd link it again here so I can repost all the information on that page.

Technical specifications:
ゲーム名称: マリオルーレット (MARIO ROULETTE)
メーカー: コナミ 株式会社
製造年: 平成3年 (1991年)
本体寸法: 幅:450mm、奥行:530mm、高さ:1285mm
重量: 40kg
使用電源: AC100V 50/60Hz
消費電力: 80W
メダル容量: ゲームメダル1200枚
金庫容量: 10円硬貨1000枚、100円硬貨1000枚
コインセレクター(10円・100円): 旭精工製 730-A/BW
コインセレクター(メダル): 旭精工製 730-A/B
メダルホッパー: 旭精工製 CAH-1
照光式押しボタン: 三和電子製OBSA-45M(赤色)、電球:12V 3Wウェッジ球
モニター: TOSHIBA製 14インチカラーモニター ブラックストライプ
価格: 320,000円 (定価)
Image captions:

 このゲームは近代ゲーム機であるがゆえに駄菓子屋ゲームというよりは、SC向けゲームの色合いが濃い。 しかし、近代のゲーム機としては王道の構成であるモニター付きメダルゲームであるので、 参考資料としての価値は十分あると思う。
 ゲームの内容は、子供から大人まで、誰もが知っている国民的ゲームキャラクター「スーパーマリオ」を ゲームキャラクターに使ったルーレットゲーム。 ボタンを押して回転するルーレットを止め、タテ、ヨコ、ナナメにキャラクターを揃えると、メダルが払い出されて、 またゲームをする事ができる。 モニターにはマリオやヨッシー、ピーチ姫、クッパ大王などマリオシリーズでお馴染みのキャラクターが出現し、 見ているだけでも楽しめるゲームである。

 14インチカラーモニター。 ゲーム画面、デモ画面、ゲームインストラクション画面と、画面が切り替わるため、 経年のわりに、モニターへの焼き付きが薄い。

 10円・100円の方は旭精工の730-A/BW。メダルの方は同じく旭精工の730-A/B。 ゲームプレイ中はコインブロッカー(電磁石)により、コインが入らないようになる。

 この写真に見えている、コインセレクター、スピーカーを含め、 ほとんどの部品が圧着端子を使って接続されているので、 メンテナンス時、部品交換時などに手間取らない。
 また、ドアに貼られている黄色い貼り紙は、 ホッパーモーターの地域による電源周波数(50/60Hz)の設定方法の注意書きである。

 写真右側にあるのがホッパー。そのホッパーにくっついているメーターは、 上から10円、100円、メダルアウト、メダルインのカウンタ。 中央下に見えるスイッチには、ホッパースイッチ、テストスイッチ、サービススイッチ、 メインスイッチ、ドアスイッチがある。

 後部ドアは主にメンテナンス時に開ける。 また、筐体移動時などには、電源ケーブルを内部に収める事ができる。

 写真上部にモニターPCB、右側にゲーム基板があり、 メンテナンス、ディップスイッチ変更などは裏側から行なう。

 投入された10円・100円は写真右側の金庫に落下し、 メダルは写真左側のホッパーに落下して循環する事になる。

 CPUはZ80互換製品であるSHARP-LH0080B、プログラムROMは512k、ワークRAMは64k。 グラフィックチップはカスタムLSI、グラフィックROMは256kが4つ、 グラフィックRAMは64kが2つという構成。 他にも音量ボリューム、ゲーム設定用のDIPスイッチが2つ実装されている。 電源が切られても、重要なデーターをセーブしておく、バッテリーバックアップ機能付き。
Note that I didn't save every single picture on there purely because most of them were visually boring interior shots of the machine.

Picture set 3

From here:
Also on the wiki, but I figured I'd just include them here for completeness's sake.

Picture set 4

I got these directly from the wiki, and they look like they were... cropped off the flyer. To whomever did that: That looks hella cheap, dude.

Picture set 5

Remember this page?
It's our old friend Mr. Tinyscans Kikai again:

「スーパーマリオワールド」のボーナスゲームを模していて、 ルーレットが揃えばメダルをGET。
Luckly we have a large scan of this game's flyer. I only included this here so I could post what he had to say about it.

Picture set 6

From our friendly neighborhood medal game blog:
I'm sure he had something useful to say:

Like the game in the Banpresto thread, he mentioned it again here:

Picture set 7

From here:
Kind of a long one, so be prepared to scroll down. Here is the relevant caption:

Picture set 8

This one's also long. Caption:

Now here's what you really wanted to see. Two YouTube videos!

That first one is from the same DON% guy who turned out to be a big help in the last thread, although the scanlines on that particular machine look pretty bad.

That second one is unfortunately short, but hey at least it's something, right?

As I always say, if you have the means to do so, do your civic duty and save these videos!

Until next time...



Piccadilly Circus: Super Mario Bros. 3

Release date: 1991, according to one of the sites I'm about to link.

This appears to be a "Mario 3"-themed version of another machine by Konami, simply named Piccadilly Circus. Apparently they made several themed version of this machine, including Dog Fight, Fantasy World, and Lion. The Mario 3 machine looks like the only one based on an existing property. I have absolutely no idea what the differences between these different machines are besides the picture on the front. Speaking of, the art on this Mario 3 machine looks completely new, featuring Raccoon Mario... riding a Koopa Troopa, I guess.

Picture set 1

These are taken from this page:
This is the same site where the wiki got its info on 'Mario Roulette'. They have technical specifications, which you can see here:

ゲーム名称: ピカデリーサーカス・スーパーマリオブラザーズ3 (PICCADILLY CIRCUS)
メーカー: コナミ 株式会社
製造年: 平成3年 (1991年)
本体寸法: 幅:580mm、奥行:400mm、高さ:1420mm
使用電源: AC100V 50/60Hz
消費電力: 47W
コインセレクター(10円・100円): 旭精工製 730-A/BW
コインセレクター(メダル): 旭精工製 730-A/B
But sadly they don't have any commentary on any of the pictures, which sucks. I guess somebody could try to translate the instructions on the machine, though.

Picture set 2

This is from this blog:

He says:

Doesn't look like much, sadly.

Picture set 3

I got these off a Yahoo JP auction, which you can see here:
Remember that as of this writing, the auction is still up, but it can end at any time. When it does end, I'd appreciate if it somebody let me know so I can edit this post appropriately.

I couldn't find any footage of the machine, but I did manage to find a video of the vanilla Piccadilly Circus here. Looks like a fairly standard "press the buttons to bet and watch the wheel spin" game. I can't imagine the Mario 3 machine works much differently than this, but you can never be too sure.

See you next time!


The pointing gesture makes it look kinda like he's riding it. Unless he's not pointing?

Super Mario Bros. 3 (Mini Piccadilly)
スーパーマリオブラザーズ3 (ミニピカデリー)

Release date: I have no idea. Neither the machine nor any of the flyers have a visible copyright date.

Note to Walkazo - This is what the guy in the other thread was talking about. Konami made three machines that fell under a label they called "Mini Piccadilly". They're electronic roulette wheels much like Banpresto's 'Mario World' machine, hence the comparison.

Picture set 1

This very nice shot came from the following blog:
As you can see there's not much to the machine besides some Mario stock art and a background that resembles the map screen. For all intents it looks virtually identical to Banpresto's 'Mario World', just... made by Konami instead of Banpresto. Here's what the dude had to say about it:

Picture set 2

These came from here:
I gotta admit, I'm kind of unnerved that of all the games I've covered so far, this is the one with the clearest pictures and nicest-looking machine. Here's what this guy said:

If look at that post you'll also see a Mini Piccadilly themed after 'Konami Wai Wai World'. This brings me to my next set of pictures:

Picture set 3

I found these on an auction site, and I'm guessing the auction in question has ended since I found them because I can't seem to find it again. They're the clearest pictures of this game's flyer I've been able to find so far. You'll notice it's an ad for all three machines under the "Mini Piccadilly" label (misspelled as "Piccadelly"), 'Super Mario Bros. 3', 'Super Mario World' and 'Konami Wai Wai World'. I only wish the back of the flyer was legible so we could maybe get a translation going.

Picture set 4

From this site:
It seems to be a repository for retro game flyers. Unfortunately, while these images are nice and clear, they're also watermarked, which sucks. Here's what the guy said about them:





Finally I have yet another link to this page on A-SUMA:
I only put this here so I can post what Kikai said about the flyer:

That's all I got for this machine.

My last post in this thread will be about that Super Mario World Mini Piccadilly machine. Stay tuned...


Super Mario World (Mini Piccadilly)
スーパーマリオワールド (ミニピカデリー)

Release date: Same as the Mario 3 machine - I haven't the foggiest idea.

You already got a taste of this one in the previous post, now let's finish this thread off.

Picture set 1

This is the only real picture I found of this machine, and it comes from here:
As you can see it's pretty basically the same exact thing as the Mario 3 one, only it features stock art from Super Mario World and a background that resembles the Dinosaur Land map. Here's what this kind citizen had to say about it:

Oh and look, he was nice enough to link to a YouTube video!

It's pretty much what you'd expect, but I have three major points of interest regarding this video:

1. The Super Mario World music is a pretty nice touch. You can hear the overworld theme, goal theme, and death theme.
2. Does anybody know what that voice clip is saying?
3. If you look closely, you can see what appears to be a "Super Donkey Kong 2" machine on the right! I tried searching for it in Japanese, but I couldn't really find anything like what is visible here. I feel like that one's gonna run me ragged...

Oh and here's a NicoNico video:
Naturally I can't view it, but I can remind you forumgoers to save both of these videos if you can.

And that conclues my thread about Konami's Mario arcade units. These are all I know of so far (with the exception of that mysterious 'Super Donkey Kong 2' machine), but you never know when you'll discover something new. If anybody out there finds out about a machine not documented in this or the Banpresto thread, do not hestiate to let me know!


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saved that nicovideo video.

It's relatively easy to download/recover videos from youtube compared to nicovideo anyways, so there's probably no need for me to do that especially if Glowsquid plans to do sth. about it.


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If you can dropbox those niconico vids ou saved or something to save me some time tonight, that would be neat.


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Borp said:
Note to Walkazo - This is what the guy in the other thread was talking about. Konami made three machines that fell under a label they called "Mini Piccadilly". They're electronic roulette wheels much like Banpresto's 'Mario World' machine, hence the comparison.
Ah, cool, good to know. The similarities are indeed very obvious.


I still have absolutely no idea why these machines are called "Piccadilly Circus" or "Mini Piccadilly" regardless. :p


The machine in that picture looks identical to the ones in Japan! You don't suppose Konami had the official license to release them there, do you?


I think whoever wrote that must've gotten confused and thought 'Mini Piccadilly' and 'Piccadilly Circus' were one and the same, because they list alleged 'Super Mario World' and 'Konami Wai Wai World' machines as part of the Piccadilly Circus line when I'm pretty sure they only ever existed as part of the Mini Piccadilly line. (I could also be dead-ass wrong but the presence of 'Konami Wai Wai World' is kind of suspect to me.)


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Yeah, by the looks of it, they did indeed just lump the Mini Piccadilly spin-offs under the overall Piccadilly Circus umbrella - accurate association, inaccurate details/titles. 'Course, I was just surprised they had anything at all.


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I've started mirroring all this stuff at . I'll add the rest tomorrow.