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After figure on how to get the over 1k mmr, I made it. Never forget this moment.

Pray for whale opponents so you get 2nd and the whale holds the (0), you get the mmr. Don't be the weakest nor the strongest. Be middle. Also, play casually for it. Once you get high MMRs and keep getting whale opponents, you might ended up 3rd which from what I seen, get deducted by 600~1800 MMR. Taking about gross.



I don't think the system is really bad in any way, the numbers are just so drastic that it's really confusing, and even then it's because they stopped taking a "gradual" approach.

This'll probably all wear off by tomorrow if everyone plays well.


I would also like to upload a quick little masterpost of links I currently like to use.

ErynCerise: "What the fuck is this anime shit," you ask? Here is a playlist of help videos! I'd recommend going for the "Let's Explain" titled videos if you're super lost, although the original does have an extremely outdated layout. You may be better off shooting for the 3.0 video, but if that's too confusing, you can go for the original stated earlier. These videos do a 10x better job of explaining than I ever will.
School Idol Tomodachi: A community based platform that is used mainly to keep collections of the cards you have. Provides community event rankings, and some basic data on songs and events.
Kach Again: An image site that posts card images in higher quality than School Idol Tomodachi. Also is the host of easily accessable song and bond information, game assets, playable songs in events, and a currently unlisted UR pair menu I like to use here.
Kirara: A website that deals in statistics and voice clips of cards.
UR wa Bokutachi no Kiseki: A Youtube channel that uploads clean footage of every EX or Master full combo within the first 2 hours of its release. Their Master videos are recorded without perfect lock help (with the exception of Kokuhaku Biyori, desu!), which is very impressive.
/r/SchoolIdolFestival: Yes, I know, Reddit may not be a preferred platform for most, however this subreddit seems to be free of any negativity. It's really good for up-to-date information on "what the hell just released?".
Caraxian's Twitter: Caraxian (Cara) is a well-known dataminer who posts information about new data after maintenances, even before their in game release.
Discord: This Discord is filled with lots of people who are enthusiastic about School Idol Festival! If you are new, no one will mind you asking a few questions. However, there are high levels of salt.


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Slightly unrelated but I read the start of the love live manga and it's doing things differently than the anime (a bit, at least), and i like this approach a lot.

[15:25] Koichi_Kizakura okay the love live manga is
[15:25] Koichi_Kizakura different
[15:25] Koichi_Kizakura eri is less of a bitch right from the start
[15:25] Koichi_Kizakura which is welcome
[15:25] Koichi_Kizakura and niko is even crazier i think
[15:26] Koichi_Kizakura and maki is more of a rebel and less "i think school idols are disgusting"
[15:26] Koichi_Kizakura but the core story is the same
[15:32] Koichi_Kizakura and niko is a maid in the manga and not kotori
[15:32] Koichi_Kizakura strange
[15:37] Koichi_Kizakura oh okay
[15:37] Koichi_Kizakura i see now where nico x maki comes from
[15:38] Koichi_Kizakura she wants to be "her little sister" (maki's)
[15:39] Koichi_Kizakura aaaand done already
[15:39] Koichi_Kizakura well was only one chapter
[15:39] Koichi_Kizakura after all
[15:39] Koichi_Kizakura w/e was well invested three fiddy
[15:39] Koichi_Kizakura (yes was actually 3.50)

also worth noting i forgot if honoka being a swordfighter and winning a tournament before she went to quit the club to become and idol was in the anime or not (i kinda feel like it was but idk)

then again in the manga umi is also in the sword fighting club and she quit as well and a distinctively remember she was in the archery club and never quit that in the anime but meh its been too long since i watched that

sif related, i picked it up again and after having not played the game for months i found out i can clear expert songs much easier than before

this is a trend with me and games i guess, as a similar thing happened to me in touhou lol


Koichi Kizakura said:
also worth noting i forgot if honoka being a swordfighter and winning a tournament before she went to quit the club to become and idol was in the anime or not (i kinda feel like it was but idk)
don't think so


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Koichi Kizakura said:
also worth noting i forgot if honoka being a swordfighter and winning a tournament before she went to quit the club to become and idol was in the anime or not (i kinda feel like it was but idk)
don't think so
No. Otherwise I would have remembered that for sure.



  • The second half of the Wonderland set, which includes a fabulous UR, has been released! This leaves Kanan, Dia, Hanamaru, Mari, and Ruby to recieve a UR in this rotation.
  • All daily masters are now out. Each master contains slide notes.
  • Yuuki no Reason MASTER is being released in 3.5 hours.
  • The introduction of a new game linking method, SIFID, was introduced!

  • The final single SR event, featuring Nozomi, is now on. The (0) and wacky numbers return. Good luck.
  • 5.0 was released! Along with every daily master and all the design changes that come with it.
  • Although now with no rate up, the first half of the Time Travel set was released to the Global server, with another fabulous UR.
  • Not sure if this was already covered, but TW successfully completed its merge into the server.
  • A new promo UR, "Numers" Yohane, is being given away as a 5.0 celebratory login bonus.


oh jesus when was the last time this was relevant enough to dump information in it

i'm only doing jp since most people have access to global news and also i'm tired and add me at 412957413

  • THE FIRST YEAR LIMITED URS AAAAAAA HELP ME!!!!!!! Unidolized is based off of Hello, Hoshi wo Kazoete (Rin, Maki, Hanayo) and idolized is based off of Bokutachi wa Hitotsu no Hikari (Rin, Maki, Hanayo). Aqours will get some of these soon, based off of WATER BLUE NEW WORLD.
  • New Aqours UR was released, Punk Rock Yohane! Pair is all but confirmed to be Ruby.
  • It has been recently announced that Game Center, Google+, and transfer passcode linking will be removed sometime in the next few months, leaving only SIFID. It is unclear if this will be ported to Global, since they do not have SIFID there.
  • Muse will have a Smile Nozomi Scorer UR on May 10th, matching Plane Kotori.
  • MOMENT RING Master was just released. Contains no swing notes. Thank god.
  • The KotoMaki Score Match has started March 5th on JP!


I literally signed up for this forum having no clue how it works just so I share my SIFID (also I like Mario).

idk how to insert images yet forgive me