Rejected Mario Games (My Version)

This is based off and a mix of the Smosh videos: REJECTED VIDEOS and REJECTED MARIO GAMES, but this is my version of the video(s). It's gonna have character dialogue and game descriptions. It's also gonna have some rejected game names and ideas I came up with.

Storyline: Over the years, Mario has starred in hundreds of games, even ones that don't make sense, like Dr. Mario and Mario Teaches Typing. But there were dozens of far stupider Mario games that never made it to store shelves. These are the Rejected Mario Games.

Mario Weight Loss Adventures
Mario is leaning over the toilet forcing his finger down his throat, trying to throw up. A window to the left of him says, "Press A to induce vomiting." A window to his right counts down the time until prom. Mario complains that he can't go to the prom, with Princess Peach looking the way he is, so he tries to force himself to vomit again.
Mario:*Gagging.* I can't go to the prom with Peach looking like this! *Continues to barf.*
Narrator: REJECTED!

Mario Tax Returns
Luigi is pushing buttons on a calculator when Mario asks if Yoshi is considered a dependent since he depends on Mario and will run off a cliff and kill himself if Mario jumps off his back. Luigi says, "Meh. I guess that-a counts. Now get outta here." Mario and Yoshi then leave the building and Mario gets off of Yoshi's back to tell him the good news. However, Yoshi runs off the cliff and ends up killing himself in an explosion.
(Luigi is trying to pay for the taxes)
Mario: Can I-a claim my Yoshi as a independent. I mean he depends on me. If I jump off his back. He runs off-a cliff and kills himself.
Luigi: Yeah! I guess that counts. Get out of here.
Outside the castle
(Mario is riding on Yoshi)
Mario: (Jumps off of Yoshi's back) You here that Yoshi, I can-a claim---- (Sees Yoshi running away) Oh wait, wait, wait! Yoshi! Come back, Yoshi! Where you-a going?
(Yoshi runs off a cliff and explodes to death)
Narrator: REJECTED!

Mario XXX
Nope. - the mods

The Sims Mushroom Kingdom Edition
Mario is swimming inside a pool, panicking that the ladder has been removed and that he can't get out. Wario is shown to be playing the game, shouting, "Ha ha ha! I'm-a gonna win-a!".
(Mario is in a pool)
Mario: Somebody help. Who removed the ladder? I'm gonna drown out here! Somebody help haha!
(Wario has a camera at Mario)
Wario: Ehahaha! I'm-a gonna win!
Narrator: REJECTED!

Mario Office
Mario is typing very slowly and looking bored, when an announcer on his computer says, "Congratulations! You placed first at giving up at life."
(Mario is bored in his office checking documents)
Narrator: Congratulations! You placed first at giving up on life!
Mario: All right!
Narrator: REJECTED!

Mario's Mansion
Mario searches the mansion with his flashlight before saying, "This game-a sucks! Give it to-a Luigi!" Mario then throws the flashlight on the ground, then leaves.
(Mario looks for ghost with his flashlight)
Mario: This game-a sucks! Give it to-a Luig!. (Throws down the flashlight and leaves)
Narrator: Rejected.

S.W.A.T: The Mushroom Force Squad
The Toad Brigade are a SWAT Team and they just arrived to the Mushroom Reserve Bank in their LAPD-style cars with the LAPD roof number layout where the bank is being robbed of coins by Dry Bones. They point out their weapons to Dry Bones (an H&K MP5K, an Uzi Pro, a full auto Glock 19, and a Kriss Vector) and tell him to drop his weapon (a Bullet Bill pistol). He points the gun at the toads, the toads fire and shred Dry Bones to bits. Yellow Toad claims that this response and take down was too easy. Until another Dry Bones carrying a Bob-Omb approaches him and blows him sky high.
Red Toad: Dispatch, we are arriving at Mushroom Reserve Bank. I see the suspect! (They all exit and brandish their weapons.) Drop the loot and put your hands up!
Dry Bones: *Pulls a gun out.*
Dry Bones: *Points it at Red Toad.*
*All the Toads fire.*
Yellow toad: Man, this was too easy!
(Another Dry Bones carrying a Bob-omb approaches Yellow Toad, YT stares and realizes too late what's gonna happen next.)
Narrator: REJECTED!

Mario Yoga
Mario is staring forward, looking aroused as he supposedly watches Peach do yoga. However, the camera zooms out and reveals that Peach is behind him and Mario is really staring at Luigi's butt. Luigi notices this and becomes shocked.
(Mario thought he was staring at Peach, but it was Luigi)
Luigi: Mario!
Mario: Oh, oh my goodness.

Mario Teaches Walking
Mario is walking, one leg a time, while a window tells the player to tap the A button to move the left leg and the B button to move the right. At one point, the wrong button gets pressed and Mario Trips.
(Mario walks as the player presses the "A" and "B" buttons in a pattern)
Mario: Whoa! Oof!
Narrator: REJECTE-E-E-ED!

Mario Kart DMV Edition
Mario is waiting in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles, looking impatient. A window reads, "Press A to wait." In the real world, I (the player) am repeatedly pressing the A button. 4 hours later, Mario finally gets to the front desk and tells the receptionist that he wants to register his kart. However, the receptionist says, "Registrations are in that line." and she points to an even longer line. In the real world, I throw the controller in the ground and say "You know what?! F**k this! F**k this stupid f**king game!!"
DMV lady: What can I do you for today sweetie? (Types on the keyboard) A registration? (Types on the keyboard) Can I have it please? Thank you.
(Player keeps on typing the waiting button)
DMV lady: Oh! That's a great area.
Mario: Oh come on already!
4 Hours later
Player: (Still is typing the waiting button) Come on!
DMV lady: Next!
Mario: Ah yes, I would like to-a register my kart.
DMV lady: (sighs) Registrations are in that line.
(Mario is surprised that it is longer)
(Mario Kart 64 Finished 4th-8th place music plays)
Me: You know what? (Throws his N64 controller to the ground) F...(Bleep)k this! F...(Bleep)k this stupid f...(Bleep)king game! (Leaves the TV).
Narrator: REJECTED!

Nintendo Rock Band
The song: Tell Your World by Livetune displays on the screen. Onstage are 4 characters. They're all in silhouettes due to the lights shining brightly behind them. After a moment, the back lights turn off and the spotlights shine on them to reveal the 4 characters are Peach on drums, Daisy on bass, Rosalina on guitar, and Toadette on microphone. They're all wearing they're own custom "rockstar" outfits. Peach is in a pink tanktop and a pink golf skirt (from MapleStory). She has a gold curl pattern on her chest that looks similar to the pipes on a french horn or an organ. Her hair is made to be smooth instead of poofy on the top half and curly on the bottom half. She has sleeves that only go on her lower arms and don't connect to her tanktop. The sleeves have built-in high tech 007-style keyboards and lights. Peach also has a pink "3" painted on her left arm just near her shoulder (signifying she's Number 3 on my fave characters list). Peach also wears pink high heel boots and socks that cover her knees leaving her thighs exposed. Daisy has a VERY long ponytail hanging from her left side reaching her knees. She wears a yellow slender sleeveless shirt with a collar and an orange tie to match her signature color. She wears a black skirt with an orange brim. She has the same sleeve design as Peach. She wears the same boots and socks as Peach, only orange colored. She finally has the orange mark "DEN2" on her left arm like Peach (to signify that she's Number 2 on my fave characters list (and least favorite character)). Rosalina has the same ponytail design as Daisy, only she has 2 of them instead of 1; 1 on the left and 1 on the right. She maintains her hair bang. She wears the same sleeves as Peach and Daisy, she also has the same boots and socks as Peach and Daisy, and she has an identical shirt and tie and skirt to Daisy in her signature color (except her tie is silver). She has light-up grand star-shaped ribbons that go around her ponytails. She wears a high tech light-up headset in place of her earings. She also has a teal "1" printed on her left arm (signifying she's my #1 favorite character in the mario series). Toadette has a yellow mushroom cap with white spots. She wears a white high-tech headset similar to Rosalina's. She wears a white female sailor outfit with a black collar, yellow ribbon (or female tie like the ones seen on female Japanese school uniforms), a yellow skirt, and white booties with yellow brims. She also has a white ribbon on top of her mushroom cap. She also has yellow braids. Finally, she has a yellow "2" printed on her left arm (and you can pretty much figure out what it means by now). After performing, a slow clapping can be heard and the band look around. It turns out Toad was the only one in the audience. Toad is also wearing an outfit similar to Toadette's, except, he has a straight yellow tie, black toad pants with yellow brims, and a white mushroom cap with yellow spots. He also has the same yellow "2" as Toadette. He then says "That was entertaining" in a bored tone.
Toadette: Katachi no nai kimochi wasurenai you ni
Kimari kitta layout wo ke*bleep*a
Futo kuchizu sanda furesu wo tsukamaete
Mune ni himeta kotoba nose sora ni toki hanatsu no

Kimi ni tsutaetai koto ga
Kimi ni todoketai koto ga
Takusan no ten wa sen ni natte
Tooku kanata he to hibiku

Kimi ni tsutaetai kotoba
Kimi ni todoketai oto ga
Ikutsumono sen wa en ni natte
Subete tsunageteiku
Doko ni datte ah...

Masshiro ni sunda hikari wa kimi no you
Kaza*bleep*a te no tsukima wo tsutau koe ga
Futo ugoita yubisaki kizamu rizumu ni
Arittake no kotoba nose sora ni toki hanatsu no

Kimi ni tsutaetai koto ga
Kimi ni todoketai koto ga
Takusan no ten wa sen ni natte
Tooku kanata made utasu

Kimi ni tsutaetai kotoba
Kimi ni todoketai oto ga
Ikutsumono sen wa en ni natte
Subete tsunageteiku
Doko ni datte ah...

Kanadeteita kawaranai hibi wo utagawazu ni
Asa wa dare ka ga kureru mono darou to omotteita
Isshun demo shinjita oto keshiki wo yurasu no
Oshiete yo kimi dake no sekai

Kimi ga tsutaetai koto wa
Kimi ga todoketai koto wa
Takusan no ten wa sen ni natte
Tooku kanata he to hibiku

Kimi ga tsutaetai kotoba
Kimi ga todoketai oto wa
Ikutsumono sen wa en ni natte
Subete tsunageteiku
Doko ni datte ah...
(Slow clapping can be heard. The band look around to find Toad just sitting there in boredom.)
Toad: Well, that was entertaining.
Narrator: RAHJECTAD!!

Mario says that they never made those games and uigi made them all up. However, Luigi smirks at Mario deviously, asking, "Did I?" Mario looks at himself and finds out he's covered in vomit, frightening him.
Mario: We never made those games! You just made those up.
Luigi: Did I?
(Mario sees his shirt covered with vomit and begins screaming)
Mario: AAAHHHHH!!!!
Narrator: RE... REGIS PHILBIN!!!!

(Extra) Captain Toad Explains Every Joke
Green toad and Toadette are having some fun with comedy. Green Toad asks Toadette what did the duck say when she bought lipstick. A selection window appears and the options are "Put it on my bill", "Ducks need to look attractive", and "Duh, it's for my owner's birthday". She chooses "Put it on my bill". Captain Toad barges in and explains how the joke works. It was interesting at first, but after a moment, the other toads get annoyed. And when Captain Toad doesn't stop, Toadette gets a thought window and it says: Maybe I should A: kill Toad, or B: walk away. The player chooses A. Toadette grabs out an Uzi Pro and shoots Toad.
Green Toad: Oh, okay. So what did the duck say when she bought some lipstick?
(A selection window appears. The player chooses option A.)
Toadette: Put it on my bill?
Toad: (laughs) Dude, that's really funny. Do you guys get it?
Green Toad: Yeah we get it.
Toad: Because the duck's mouth is called a bill and you would pay for it on a bill.
Green Toad: Uh, yeah.
Toad: And the duck would put lipstick on its bill. (laughs) It's like trying it a little funny.
Green Toad: I know man, I told the joke.
Toad: But, the genius is that duck's can't even drive.
(Green Toad leaves)
Toad: Much less walking into the store and buy makeup.
Toadette: Stop.
Toad: Like what, do we expect him to like take a bus or something.
Toadette: Okay seriously, stop!
Toad: And what sort of lousy just walks in and pay...
(Another selection window appears and asks the player what to do next. The player chooses option A: Kill Toad. Toadette pulls out an Uzi Pro and shoots the Toad )
Toad: AHH!
Narrator: REJECTED!

I hope you like my version of Rejected Mario Games! Peace!

Ray Trace

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Magikrazy said:
I'm going to pretend I never read that today.

I'll also be going to a trip to the grocery to buy me some brain bleach. What will I be doing with it? I don't really know. It's an instinctual urge to do something with it.

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Yeah but the mods edited it out and you saved the general idea of what he wrote, so yeah you technically did save it to an extent.

Thanks buddy!


Donkey Kong
also toad and toadette are stated to be brother and sister sometimes and thats the headcanon i keep

still the others were funny

i would like to see more

but use less incest slash fic next time


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maybe i saved it

actually im pretty sure i did

EDIT: wait no i accidentally closed that notepad because there was some other stuff in there i didnt need anymore

Ok, who changed the section Mario XXX?! That was a pretty good one and now no one can view it! Who was responsible for this?!


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Cartoondude135 said:
Ok, who changed the section Mario XXX?! That was a pretty good one and now no one can view it! Who was responsible for this?!
the mods because it broke the rules

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Cartoondude135 said:
Ok, who changed the section Mario XXX?! That was a pretty good one and now no one can view it! Who was responsible for this?!
If by "good" you mean "highly disturbing" then yeah.

This stuff is forbidden basically anywhere that has regularly enforced rules. This place is no exception.


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Cartoondude135 said:
Ok, who changed the section Mario XXX?! That was a pretty good one and now no one can view it! Who was responsible for this?!
I disagree, but tastes are subjective.

Anyway, that one broke Rule 11, which prohibits that one.

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I dunno I always found the Mario Kart: DMV edition to be the funniest. Especially with the DMV lady with the man voice.