Is it just me...

...or is the entire idea with Koopa shells in the Marioverse been like, screw'd and mess'd up? I mean like, in most games they has been shown as exoskeletons, where they are items etc., or just normal enmies. Then, of course, Dry Bones showed it as a part of the body. Atleast the the piece of it that is on the stomach, and the other half that is on it's back, and those parts should have fallen off by now. Then Mario is Missing showed that atleast Bowser's back really as a shell, wih the TAIL as a part, and the other half as it's stomach. Dry Bowser, Bowser's skeleton forms, was like Dry Bowser's. and screws it up even more.

So, if you doesn't find something to talk about, do you simply agree with me or not?
ShyGuy27 said:

I think hes saying Bowser's shell shouldve falled off a lot.