What time are you most active here?


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whenever someone shines the wagnak beacon over the cloudy skies of compton I know i am needed to post on the board

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Seems so long ago.
I have just noticed something. The times on the forum are an hour behind my time. That means that I have been the most here during 8 PM, not 9 PM.


Seems so long ago.
I just bothered with that. Also, I'm actually the most active at 10 PM and I do have some posts that were made during 1 AM. I am baffled that I have not ever posted during 8 AM, though, but whatever.

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9pm apparently, makes the most sense really. Also somewhat surprisingly, I have more posts at midnight than I do at 6am, 9 am or 1pm, that seems weird.


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I'm nowhere near as active here anymore, but if I decide to visit I'll likely pop up between 4pm and 11pm.

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Hailing Taquitos said:
4:00 PM, with 309 posts. Funny thing is that 4 AM is my least-active hour.
Still 4:00 PM, and the number didn't even go up that much (366 posts). 5 AM has usurped 4 AM as my least active hour though.