If Smash Bros. Teams had Names


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Kirby and Pikachu = Cuteness at your Own Risk

Ness and Mega man = Power Boys

Palutena and Rosalina = Goddesses

Dedede and Wario = Greedy yet powerful.

Samus and Sheik = Mysterious Gender

Zelda and Palutena = Best Friends.


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I got another one, but I'm not sure if it's appropriate, so I'll think of another one.

Mega Man & Mewtwo- Megamind


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Dinomic Duo said:
Mario & C. Falcon: The fastest racers in the galaxy (reference to Mario Kart)
Sonic & Captain Falcon probably fit that description more. Being the two fastest characters in the game. And even if you mean specifically racing, then Sonic still fits as there's multiple Sonic racing games (Sonic R, Sonic Riders series, Sega All-Stars Racing series, and also a few of the main games have some kind of racing as a multiplayer mode)


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Sonic (Eggman's Badniks), Shulk (The Mechon), and Megaman (Dr. Wily and Robot Masters) = Bot Busters

(Yes I know Megaman himself is a robot. It'd ruin it though if I had to specify it)


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Bowser & King Dedede: The Kingpins

Charizard & King Dedede: The Flaming Hammer


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I'm going to say it's because Charizard is from G1, which he probably considers an overrepped generation of Pokémon.

Waste of Space isn't a good name for a team anyway.


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Captain Falcon + Ryu = Too Many Muscles for the Human Mind to Comprehend


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Captain Falcon + Captain Falcon = FALCON X FALCON
Falcon Punch to down taunt is a true combo.