Donkey Kong Country 4!!

Da Man

Yes, our call has been answered. Donkey Kong Country 4 is here!

take a look:
Whoever did this.. 1z |)4 |-|4(k /\/\4$735.
I've seen that game before, theres one for Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest too; though its a lot crappier, having only three, no Dixie Kong or boss battles, it was also called "Super Donkey Kong 2".
Here's one for Donkey Kong Land as well!

The music is just whacked.
That is too cool for words! I love seeing people do this stuff, because I could never to that. Pitty about lack of cranky kong though.
None of these users still go here and the thread is three years old. Why did you bump it?

I'm serious, I might just warn you for spam.