Whose your favorite Koopaling?

Whose your favorite Koopaling?

  • Iggy Koopa

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  • Morton Koopa Jr.

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  • Lemmy Koopa

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  • Larry Koopa

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  • Ludwig Von Koopa

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  • Wendy O. Koopa

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  • Roy Koopa

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  • Bowser Koopa Jr.

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Sir Grodus

King Bowser
Retired Wiki Staff
.... Was one of these made before, I'm too lazy to look. Ignore the lack of Koopa Kid, I'll be lieing in my cold, cold grave before I count him as a Koopaling.

Personally, my favorite is Iggy, I don't know why, he just rules.
Morton. No particular reason, I think he looks cool.
I personally like Bowser Jr. He's pretty much the only child of Bowser to
ever even appear anymore. I also like how he's the most balanced character in Mario Power Tennis. Because I found that out in a faq. It said
he had seven out of ten in all catagories. So he would definetly beat Mario
in tennis! :D
I HATE Bowser Jr. He's a cheap knock-off that must die. At least the other Koopas had personality. Bowser Jr. is a freakin' clone of Bowser! And a super-annoying one at that.

M vote goes to Larry. He is pure ownage.