Seems so long ago.
So, what was a hard boss to you?

Me? Hmmm.....

I need to play more than Nintendo games.
Hmm, let's see. Well, I was never able to beat Wendy O. in SMB3. I know, it's pathetic.
For instance, the Bowser fight in SMW was the only one where I didn't finish it yet...

...YET I only tried this once...



Cant think of any right now.

EDIT: SMS final Bowser.
Not if you go at it the right way. But you've probably heard this a thousand times...
Everyone in Zero Mission but regular Ridley.
SiFi said:
Everyone in Zero Mission but regular Ridley.
wtf that was like the easiest game ever. I made it to Ridley with 99 health, 5 missiles, and 2 power missiles. Unfortunately, he's literally impossible at that state, because only missiles can hurt him.
King Salazar from Resident Evil 4.

...At least when you're using just a handgun. :eek:
Lario said:
Le Waddle Dee.

'Nuff said.

aww, you beat me to it!

Nintendo based, I have to say daredevil run on the Kamella Koopa Deep Dark Galaxy

any game based, Hexadecimal from the ReBoot video game. Go too far away, you get fire balled, get to close, instant death from electricity, the "just right" area was narrow and a well timed shot from the boss could send you flying off the level completely and to a nice big "game over"
Nerdy Guy said:
ShyGuy27 said:
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Nerdy Guy said:
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Did some company pay you to say that?

Dont reply to them. >>
Yeah, it's officially against the rules. :eek:
I posted that before we knew it was a spammer, I'm sorry for doing that.

But Peachy is the most known troll. I suppose if you ever saw the first userpedia, you'd know how much of a fad she was.
More on-topic: Lou from GH3 on expert was death. o.o
McDimentio said:
and morpha on oot is hard if you dont have fairies
I beat Morpha on my first try. Without fairies. Before I knew you could target it's eye on the ceiling. >_>