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Sir Grodus

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The Mario Comics, ya' know, by Valiant and such. So, do any of you guys have any? Please share:


Monty Mole
I have several full issues scanned.

Here's the file: (Approximately 85 MB)

Included are the following comics(In Alphabetical order)
Beauty and the Beach
Bedtime for Drainhead
Betrayel Most Proper
Cloud Burst
Cloud Nine
Da Stoopid Bomb
Dear Princess(A department of the comics in which Peach answers letters from others.)
Fins and Roses
It's Always Fair Weather
Just Deserts
Love Flounders
Magic Carpet Madness
Museum of Plumbing(A two-part mini-feature starring Luigi and his museum)
One-Shots(Folder with various one-page features)
Piranha-Round Sue
Revenge of Pipe Ooze
The Buddy System
The Legend


Sir Grodus

King Bowser
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Awesomes! All I could ever find was mostly Super Mario Adventures/Mario VS Wario, Valiant is hard to come by.

Sir Grodus

King Bowser
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After some effort, I managed to figure out how to open the thing (Why! Why do you hate me downloading!) and I must say, awesome!

Can't wait to look at them, now all I need to find are the ones with Tatanga....


Monty Mole
You're in luck, I have that too! The Game Boy comic, featuring Tatanga.


Sorry this wasn't in my other archive. That's the last of my comics, other than Super Mario Adventures and Mario vs. Wario, which seems pretty easy to find. However, if anyone does want either of those, let me know, and I'll post them too.


Monty Mole
Great! I'll try to do my part to make new pages on the comics as well.

Very thorogh article, by the way, nice job!


Monty Mole
3dejong said:
You're doing it again...

Please, think about your posts before making them. Ask yourself "What will this contribute to the topic?" If you can't find an answer, it's probably a bad idea. I politely ask that you please try to be more relevant with your posts. Postcount isn't everything- Quality matters far more than how many you have. You'll be a lot more respected as a member if you post coherrant thoughts instead of random and pointless exclamations.


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Yeah, like me for example! :P Because i'm a good person!


Yeah.. you are now. I can remember some interesting episoides.. that remind me of when I first came here. :shock: But you're a core contributor now. :lol:

Sir Grodus

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Well, I think I did it, I've found practically all the Valiant-made Mario comics, except:

Family Album: Summer Camp
Toad's House
The Adventures of Dirk Drain-Head
You Again?
Elect Mario For Man of the Year
Minor Defects
The Doctor Is In... Over His Head
Tanooki Suits Me (not sure, I might have that one)
Team Play
Pipes is Pipes
International Enquisitor (A)
International Enquisitor (B)
International Enquisitor (C)

These comics are actually pretty good and funny.


Monty Mole
Could you post the ones you found, please? I could use more for my collection.

Sir Grodus

King Bowser
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I found alot here:

And I found some of the Game Boy comics here:

Lemmy's Land ( also has some on their funnies page (Lemmy's Funnies), near the bottom; I'm having trouble getting there, so I can't get a link.

Koopatorivm has a few one-shots, along with Fins and Roses. It also has what looks like Super Mario-kun.

If anybody knows were I can find any of the above comics, it would be highly appreciated, especially "The Adventures of Dirk Drain-Head", which I need for a complete Dirk Drain-Head article.