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Cheese Land was hell for me. I had never played the GBA version and I tried what I thought was a shortcut... but what was actually scenery in the distance that wasn't part of the track.
Haha, that's kind of funny. I played it once in 150cc before I got online so I knew what to expect. With the abundance of mushrooms there are some really easy and useful shortcuts at the end that you can learn to help you catch up.

Yeah, ggs.


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Sadly no.

Fawfulthegreat64 said:
Guess who just lost all their save data after moving it to the USB device...

Currently redownloading the fucking DLC, but all my unlocked characters and vehicles... Nooo...


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I don't know if I am observing this the wrong way, but I get the impression that the main Super Mario Wiki community in this game is barren? It seems the some people prefer to host their own tournaments rather than to use the Super Mario Wiki one.

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Would anyone like to try to get together and race sometime in the indefinite future? I thought it might be fun to race as a community before the inevitable switch version is released.