SuperMario Bros. rap

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Did anyone listen to the funny super mario bros. rap on YouTube? The one that starts out: "It's 1986! I'm in the first grade..."
I even foud the lirycs somewere, did you was refering to this video of the mario rap?
That rap sucked majorly. I don't want to have the words p**** and d*** in my Mario anytime soon.
Or the Palin rap from Saturday Night Live... lol
Fantastic way to talk with your sock puppets Rudnicki
My god, I saw it and wished I hadn't... perverted.
Thanks guys. You stopped me from watching the Super Mario Bros. Crap Rap, good thing too. Is RAP even on the fourms?
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I haven't heard it. Why is a Rudnicki thread still open?
Cuz the mods are lazy.


Ya know, Im thinking all new users are Ruddy now.

Ive spammed ALL Wikis when I was 10!HES GOT NOTHING on me!
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