Accuse the Above User of Being Rudnicki For a Stupid Reason!


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Easy, just come up with a stupid reason as to why the above user would be Rudnicki. :P

You must be Rudnicki because you're not there.
Rudnicki for using all caps.
He does not have a sig. He must have disabled it because he didn't want to show his obsession with stupid Mario series chatacters, so he's Rudnicki.
You're Rudnicki because your signature has a text to agree with the above guy, Rudnicki always disagrees and argues, so you are clearly trying to cover the fact Rudnicki with that.
You're Rudnicki for accusing others of being Rudnicki. :P
You're Rudnicki because I'm not Rudnicki. Doesn't make sense? Doesn't need to.
You're Rudnicki because you came up with a positively terrible excuse as to why the previous guy was Rudnicki.
You're Rudnicki since Rudnicki trys to be smart... never works, though. :-\
SmartGuy said:
You're Rudnicki because this video explains all reasons as to why you are Rudnicki.
You're Rudnicki for being too lazy to say the reasons and instead linking to a video (unless it's a rickroll; I didn't check).
You're Rudnicki cuz you did get Rick Roll'd.
Snowstalker said:
You're Rudnicki because you treid to break Samus out of the SNES so you could nail her.
You're Rudnicki for talking about nailing Samus.
You're Rudnicki for having a swordfish as your avatar.
You're rudnicki for coming to this forum.
You're Rudnicki for being angry.