Throw something at the above user


A complete wanker.
I did this before the other day so some may remember, basically you throw something at the above user (repetition of title) and then something can happen, I shall start

*Throws a garlic at Mr Nonexistant so Wario eats him*


Power Star
(Dude, this should be in forum games.)

Picks a hair straw from the guy in your sig and throws it at you.


A complete wanker.
*Throws Stalin's mustache, tupee, clothes and Soviet flag at Smiddle making him look just like him*


A complete wanker.
Y'know I meant to put this in forum games but I put it hereby accident. move please.

*Throws super toxic chlorine at you*

Garlic Man

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SmartGuy said:
*Throws garlic at Mr Nonexistant so Wario eats him*
I am honored.


Seems so long ago.
Let's pretend to get hurt by what they'll throw, 'K.

*Throws Volvic Revive*

Ow! That hurts! *Testing... 1 2 3 Testing! TESTING!!! YAAAAAHHHH!*

Nerdy Guy

SmartGuy said:
*Throws this bump at Nerdy Guy then waits for Lario to throtle him*
LOL, you litterly bumped into the next year.

*Throws the rules at Smart Guy*