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I'm not sure how I should request this, but I was playing the Japanese version of Mario Party Advance for a specific screenshot, and then I noticed that every quest in the game seems to have its own unique epilogue. As in, you complete the quest and then you're sent to a text crawl that contains unique text for each quest. This video shows what I'm talking about. As I do not know Japanese, these may be extremely minor changes to the text, but at the very least, this text crawl does not appear in either the American or the European releases of Mario Party Advance. I don't want to have someone translate all of these text crawls, as there are (likely) fifty of them, but even just translating one of them would be too much, I think. Would it be possible for someone to simply give me the gist of one of the text crawls (the example I linked to above works)?

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If that's too much, this is the rating for Mario Party Advance as given by South Korea's Game Rating and Administration Committee, which gave the game a "Teenage and children restricted" rating (comparable to ESRB's M rating)... purportedly, at least. I would appreciate it if someone could confirm that this is what the page actually says.


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technickal said:
What does 玉乗りおんぷあつめ mean? It's the Japanese name of Musical Snares, by the way.
I asked a Japanese-speaking friend, and they said this:

玉乗り means balancing on a ball, おんぷ is like a musical note or something, and あつめ is to gather or collect.

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Anyone knows what the block of text at the very end says?

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looks like the video is removed