Mario Hoops 3-on-3

If you've played the game, what would you rate it, from 1 to 5?

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I have yet to play this game, but IGN gave it a 6.8 (Passable) and Gamespot gave it a 7.1 (Good). It is expected that only players who like the genre will enjoy the game. I also heard that the AI's horrible: Enemies are too easy at the start and too hard at the end, and in addition, your teammates can't do anything.

Do you think Square Enix messed up, or it was a good effort on their part?
Square Enix did good, but I never excpected characters from other series appearing :eek: .

However, it didn't have Wi-Fi which made it bad. :(
I give it a 3/5. It's not bad, but not great. I have yet to unlock Boo and Fly Guy, mainly because it's so freakin' hard.
I've never played it, but it's in my top ten list of games I want. I'm usually not into sports games, but the fact that it has Mario balances it out.
Just got it yesterday.... 4/5. The AI is pretty bad, your teammates are all but useless unless you play as them. The enemies, on the other hand, have boosted intelligence levels, making it a tad unfair. Still a TERRIFIC game. It would almost be a 5, but..... no
Toad. (go Moogle!)
I liked the FF characters.....GO MOOGLE!!!1

In other news, I am on the Rainbow Road stage right now in hard mode.
ultimatetoad said:
I liked the FF characters.....GO MOOGLE!!!1

In other news, I am on the Rainbow Road stage right now in hard mode.

MOOGLE!! They is L33TN355
Totally. But a bit hard to control.

Cute. White. Furry. Can fly. Magical. What's not to love?
I liked it, Cactuar, Yoshi, and DK/Bowser/Waluigi was always my team. :)
I'm a lefty, so I have to use the buttons to control movement rather than the d-pad. That sucks.
BJ, Luigi, and Moogle/Fly Guy is my choice, and a balanced team, 'Cause BJ steals it, passes it to Luigi, he dunks it, and next time I pass to Moogle, he grabs 100 coins, Luigi dunks, and Wala! 140 points!
I have both Boo and Fly Guy. And it takes alot of practice to learn the special shots. I have Ninja. I need Cactuar, Black Mage, and White Mage. Cactuar is so hard to unlock. You have to win by 800 points in the Star Cup Tournament at Jr. Street. And they made Petey a basket instead of a playable character. =(.