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Doesen't this thread already exist?
I didn't find any PSN thread on this board.

Mine's pierre_pogo, though I barely play anything online anymore beside the occassional game of Hawx (I would sure like to do some co-op Blazing Angels, though).


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PSN is still down with friends, I heard rumors that it will be up again tomorrow


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PSN: fantanoice

Please somebody else have Blur, I love it but nobody else owns it so I never get to play it online.


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Sent friend request and,

Phoenix Wright said:
Doesen't this thread already exist?

nexandgbx is my PSN
Can you double check your username because it doesn't exist


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my psn's turb224

all i really do is play fighting games


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I don't play much aside from Little Big Planet and Metal Gear Solid. I've got Portal 2.


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Bought a PS3 not too long ago. PSN is Gamefreak755 for those who want to add me.