Shine Sprite

Look at that DK glitch. Its messed up. But its so funny! a must see!
Yeah, i was searching youtube for movies on glitches.
:shock: to the maximus.
:shock: WHAT THE....???

*rolling on the floor laughing* :lol: :lol: MONKEY SEX!!!

Do you guys know this one?
I'm suspicious that rare did that intentionally.
I mean, honestly, it's just too perfect.
Perfect? Dude, it's Donkey Kong riding Donkey Kong. I don't see what's so... sexual activity-like about it. If you took that declarative statement as a question, don't answer it. Seriously. I'm never returning to this topic.
Plumber said:
It's Stumpers...being himself...

Pefect as in it looks too suggestive. Seriously Plumber stop being so uppity and degrading. It's not nice. Besides, why on earth would you think that you could tell the type of person I was by forum posts?
That's alright... I'll always love you, no matter what... that's the duty of a mother.

Holy crudmuffins... did I write that?
D***it! Stupid child! You didn't get me a mother's day pressie!
So... 3D if you're so inocent why are you intent on calling me a perv?