Secret Character Raquet Symbols


Why does Petey Piranha got to have haters?
Could somebody tell me what the symbols for the secret character's
raquets are in Mario Power Tennis? I only know what Paratroopa's is.
Thanks, but I still need to know what Petey Piranha's raquet symbol is.
I did look there, but I found nothing. Was I looking in the wrong place?
I looked at the Mario Power Tennis faqs. If I made a mistake, could you
redirect me to the right place?
Nope, still nothing about his or any other character's raquet symbol.
You shouldnt have looked in the FAQ section of GF. Try the cheats and hints section.
That didn't work either. I really don't care if someone spoils it. I just want
to know Petey's raquet symbol. It's not like it's very visable in the game.
I'm going on a hunch. saying that his picture was his head.
Drama King! Anyway, does anyone know for real? Because no one has had an idea in a while. I know there was a video of him going against Mario in Star Cup on YouTube, but I think someone deleted it! I didn't even think to look at his racket symbol! If anyone knows for sure PM me!
Awright. I need to guy that game.....